How to Make Your Facebook Account Unhackable By Fraudsters

With roughly three billion active users per month, Facebook still remains one among the highest most successful social networking site within the world. But like many others, security and privacy of users using the platform remains a serious concern.

  1. Th first and primary means of preventing your facebook account from being hacked is to put an end to posting or sharing personal information on your facebook account. Most especially important photos involving friends and family. This could be an easy means through which fraudsters can get to you without lifting  a finger.

2. Properly Activate Secure browsing

Among other things, to make sure your browsing activity within Facebook is safe, you can turn on the Secure browsing option. By doing this, you automatically limit all external applications that are integrated with Facebook from doing any harm or taking your personal information without your knowledge or approval.

To start securing your account, click on the drop down menu from the top right corner of your Facebook account and go to Account Settings.


Select Security from the left menu.


At the Secure Browsing section, click on the Edit link at the right.


The option panel will appear, ‘check’ the box Browse Facebook on a secure connection then click on the Save Changes button.


3.. Activate ‘Login Approvals’

Login approvals is an extended security feature offered by Facebook, and it will require you to enter a security code each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized devices. To activate Login Approvals, go to Account Settings > Security, look for Login Approvals and click on the Edit button.


An option to activate Login Approvals will appear, tick the check box to activate.


A popup window will appear with descriptions of login approvals, click on the Set Up Now button to continue.


If you already register your mobile number, Facebook will automatically send you a code via SMS. Enter this code in the given box and click Submit Code.


Now you have completed with Login Approvals request, click Next to continue.


Next, Facebook will offer you to setup a Code Generator from your mobile phone; this is useful in case you are unable to receive SMS. Click Continue.


You can also Make Your Facebook Account Unhackable By Fraudsters By;

1. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication an verification

This is the best thing you should do if you want to kep your Facebook account unhackable. Enabling two-factor authentication (simply known as 2FA) is one of the ways by which you can make your account more secured. Major social networking site including Facebook now provide this option for their users. What 2FA does is that it makes it difficult for any other person to login into your account without your permission.

How does it work? Anytime you logged into your account with your username and password, you will be sent a code via an SMS to your phone, you will then need to insert this code before you can be permitted to access your account. If someone is trying to access your account behind your back, they will not be able to because they do not have access to your phone when asked for the code, which only you can provide. You can also use Google Authenticator for 2FA if you are using a smartphone.

To enable two-factor authentication on Facebook, go to Settings -> Security and Login.

2. Don’t use your Facebook to login into other websites or apps you don’t trust

It is common nowadays to login into any website or app using our social accounts, thanks to oauth API access provided to third-party apps and website owners by this social platforms. It is becoming the norm for most websites or apps on the internet to let visitors to “logged in with Facebook” before they can have full access to their website or app contents. Although, this lessen the time that would have taken the visitor to register for a new account on these sites, it can also open doors for owners of these sites to have access to your Facebook account.

By authorizing an app to have access to your Facebook account, you are giving the app the permission to access your account details. This can be exploited by hackers to gain an unauthorized access to your account. This is why it is important to logged in using your Facebook to only sites or apps you trusted. Beware.

3. Be wary of links you click on Facebook

It is very important that you do not click on just any links posted on Facebook. Hackers use this method a lot to gain access and stole users account. If the link does not come from a reputable or trusted source, avoid clicking on it. Some links can be quite dangerous if clicked on, they either lead to phishing sites or sites that have been hacked or compromised. Hacked Facebook accounts are often used to post this links, so be careful. If your friend Facebook account is hacked, block or unfriend him/her immediately.

4. Learn to clear your browser cookies and cache often

If you are accessing Facebook using a desktop or a mobile browser such as Google Chrome, it is a good thing to learn to clear the browser cookies and cache often. Metadata of each browsing section are often stored in the browser as cookies – this little information can be exploited by hackers. If you are accessing your Facebook from a cafe or you are using someone else laptop or phone, make sure you clear the browser cache and cookies after you logged out.

5. Change your Facebook password at least once in two months

Changing your Facebook password more often can also help secured your account. You can use a password manager like Lastpass to generate a new password and to also manage all of your passwords. Password managers are secured as they use military-grade encryptions to protect users passwords. This will further help protect your account.

Other things you can do to make your Facebook account less prone to hackers attack is to limit your profile visibility to friends only. You can make it difficult for any person to add you on Facebook. Also make sure that you don’t use your primary contact and email address when signing up for a new Facebook account. It will be easier for people to look you up using your phone number or email address if you use the phone number and email you use the most.

By following these advice, you will make your account more secured and protected.

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