How to move from Nigeria to Vietnam


Relocating to Vietnam

  • Researching the climate is vital before occupation.
  • Visa regulations are strict and alter regularly.
  • Transportation is varied and cheap.

Vietnam not only attracts visitors, tourists, and travelers. it’s also become a beautiful destination for ex-pats.

The Vietnamese are usually very welcoming to foreigners and ex-pats. If you’re moving to Vietnam and therefore the Mekong Delta, you’ll also experience quite a few typhoons during this area during the season. These typhoons often cause flooding and severe damage.

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A Politically Stable Country, Despite Its Troubled Past
After moving to Vietnam, ex-pats will recognize that it’s a densely populated country that still faces various economic challenges.

Visas and Work Permits for Vietnam

– Visa Categories
Before you progress to your new temporary home, you would like to get a visa that permits you to remain in Vietnam for the specified amount of your time. counting on the aim and therefore the duration of your stay, there are different types of visas available:

  • A tourist visa is out there for one month as a single-entry or multiple-entry permit. the utmost duration of this visa is 30 days.
  • Business visas are a touch trickier. Applicants got to get a politician entry clearance from their sponsor, usually their employer. This visa allows for multiple entries and lasts for up to at least one year. If you propose to use for a business visa, you’ve got to get approval from the Vietnamese Immigration Department through your sponsor.
  • Diplomatic and official visas are often applied without having to pay any visa fees. Applicants are, however, required to submit a politician letter by their office or foreign mission.
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Applying for a Vietnamese Visa:

Many expatriates visit their host country before the start of their assignment for a fact-finding trip, to seek out an area to measure or to go to potential schools for his or her children. Some countries have bilateral agreements with Vietnam allowing their citizens to enter Vietnam freely for short-term (15 days for many of them) visits. If that’s the case, you are doing not need to obtain a tourist visa.Longer stays will always require a visa. confirm to submit your application well beforehand of your departure.

Documents you’ve got to submit (unless stated otherwise) are:

  • valid passport
  • completed application form; it is often found online
  • passport-sized photograph
  • application fee
  • criminal record
  • authorization document issued by the Immigration Department
  • The exact paperwork you would like to submit also because the application fees, of course, depend upon the sort of visa you apply for, the duration of your stay, the number of intended entries, and therefore the purpose of your trip.

Visa on Arrival:

Certain websites offer online visas in exchange for a fee. Vietnamese embassies have issued a message to warn travelers that those websites aren’t official, which they often fail to issue visas.

Only the subsequent applicants are eligible for a visa on arrival:

  • those departing from a rustic where there’s no competent Vietnamese visa-granting agency
  • those traveling through many countries before entering Vietnam
  • those visiting Vietnam on tours organized by a world agency operated in Vietnam
    foreign crew members onboard vessels anchored in Vietnam’s seaport wishing to exit through another border gate
  • those visiting Vietnam to attend a relative’s funeral or visit a seriously ill loved one
  • those entering Vietnam to interact in emergency response, search/rescue activities, disaster or epidemic control, or for other special purposes at the request of a competent authority in Vietnam.

Before entering Vietnam, applicants for a visa on arrival must apply for a letter issued by the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security), Consular Department, or Department of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Have we given you some tips on how to relocate to Vietnam? We wish you the best of luck!

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