The beautiful island of Barbados is an attractive prospect for ex-pats seeking work. Thanks to the recognition of the island as a destination, competition for employment is sort of stiff, but a variety of jobs are to be found. The island’s official language is English, so if this is often your native tongue, you’re off to an honest start in seeking employment here. we’ll check out a number of your options and therefore the legal requirements below.

Applying for a piece permit here isn’t an easy process. Your employer will get to put an application on your behalf. For brief-term working papers, up to 11 months, you’ll have to supply the subsequent documents:

• an in-depth covering letter from your potential employer
• C-3 form (in duplicate)
• 4 passport-sized photos
• Certificate of Character from the police of every country during which you’ve got lived for a minimum of 6 months within the past 3 years .
• a replica of the bio-data page of your passport

If you would like to use for extended term working papers, for up to three years, you’ll get to supply the above and additionally you’ll get to send in:

• C1/C2 working papers forms
• a medical form including external X-rays
• 2 character references
• evidence of your qualifications
• an in-depth covering letter from your potential employer outlining the character of the business,

There is a good range of job vacancies in Barbados and academic standards on the island, which follows a British model of education. The island doesn’t, therefore, suffer from significant skills shortages.

If you’re working within the country and become pregnant, you’ll be eligible for paid maternity leave, currently set at 3 months (local organizations are calling for this to be extended). There have also been involving fathers to possess 2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

The Employment Rights Act of Barbados also stipulates rates of redundancy packages for extended term employees.

Job Vacancies

It is possible to form speculative applications: your best advice is to get short term accommodation on the island and begin applying for work as soon as you arrive. Confirm you’ve got enough funds to support you within the interim, as short term work is often not as difficult to seek out.

Apply For A Visa/Permit

There is tons of paperwork involved in moving to Barbados and it’ll take time also as costing you money. To remain in Barbados, you’ll need a visa. Temporary permits are available for visitors and last up to 6 months. If you would like to remain longer than this then it’ll be necessary to get another visa which must be in duplicate and amid 2 passport sized photographs. The fees payable for this vary as there are single and multiple access visas available.

To live permanently in Barbados, you’ll need a piece permit. Work is typically reserved for native Barbadians unless there are not any applicants with the required skills for the position . A visitor permit takes a mean of two weeks to be issued.

Once the 6-month visa has expired it’s necessary to apply for an extension and that may be done at the immigration department. The requirements for this is:

  • A legitimate passport
  • a passport-sized photograph
  • the relevant application fee.

Without a legitimate permit, you’re not permitted to enter employment during your stay.

When applying for residency it’s necessary to possess a police certificate from either your home town or if you’ve been in Barbados for six months from the police there.

For those already on the island you’ll need a passport, certificate, and therefore the relevant fee. Those that aren’t yet in Barbados will need proof of name and address, valid passport, and a group of fingerprints that are officially obtained. There’s also a little fee.

We hope we have been able to help you with the necessary information?


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