If you’re hoping to move, study abroad, or perhaps you’re just in it for the journey, relocation is often exciting – and a touch scary, if you don’t have the proper information.

This guide will walk you through everything you would like to understand about moving to Mexico and getting found out for fulfillment.

Living in Mexico stats:

  • Money in Mexico: Mexican pesos (also written as MXN or MX$)
  • Population: 127.5 million
  • Capital: Mexico City (now often called CDMX)
  • Expat population: ~1 million (mostly American)
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Weather: Tropical, varies by region
  • Biggest cities: CDMX, Iztapalapa, Ecatepec
  • Average salary: MX$226,018

Step 1: find out the legal requirements to move to Mexico

Step 2: confirm you can afford the value of living in Mexico. Figure out the value of living. Generally, living in Mexico is pretty cheap, but you’ll still want to stay an eye fixed on prices and know just how far your funds will go once you get there.

The subsequent table lays out prices for a few basic items within the country:

Living expenses in Mexico Average Cost

  • Inexpensive meal: $90
  • Monthly local transportation pass: $300
  • Gasoline 1 gallon: $59
  • A monthly gym membership: $583
  • Pair of Nike Running shoes: $1,208

Step 3:  Setup your finances in Mexico

The most important step in fixing your finances in Mexico is opening up a checking account, which you ought to be ready to neutralize a few days with little or no effort. Any of Mexico’s larger national banks or the various international banks are going to be ready to assist you to convert your existing funds into Mexican pesos also, though it’s an honest idea to stay your eye on the rate of exchange.

Step 4: Find employment in Mexico

All in all, it shouldn’t be too difficult to seek out employment in Mexico, especially if you’re bilingual in Spanish.

Step 5: Get an accommodation in Mexico

Finding rental apartments in Mexico is pretty simple, with a lot of options available to locals and ex-pats alike.

Step 6: confirm your healthcare is secured in Mexico

Healthcare in Mexico is privatized and operates on a free market system. Most of the people in Mexico prefer to carry personal insurance, which may prevent massive bills if you get sick or in an accident. Get healthcare coverage.

Step 7: Learn the language

Learning Spanish is going to be key to getting the foremost out of living in Mexico. If you don’t already speak the language, apps like Duolingo and Babbel can go an extended way towards helping you learn on your own.

We hope we have helped you! Good-luck with moving to Mexico.

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