How To Move To Panama From Nigeria.


Panama, the southernmost country of Central America, is bordered by Costa Rica within the west, Colombia within the southeast, the Caribbean within the north and therefore the Pacific within the south.

We’ll provide a brief overview of ex-pats moving to Panama regarding visa requirements, health advice, and transportation in Panama.

Visa Requirements for Panama

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Before getting to Panama, you ought to meet up to visa requirements. Consult the closest Panamanian Embassy or Consulate in your country of normal residence.

The maximum period of stay is 30 days with a tourist visa. If you would like to remain in Panama for an extended period, you’ll apply for an extension up to 90 days with the Servicio Nacional de Migración Panamá.

Work Permits for Panama

If you’re moving to Panama to sort for an area company, you’ll need a piece permit. The utilization market in Panama is strictly regulated, and most companies are bound by restrictions on employing foreigners, like the ten rates.

The Ministry of Labor only grants work permits to people that have already got a guaranteed job offer before moving to Panama. This is often a big hurdle, as your local employer has got to prove that no qualified Panamanian citizen is out there to try to do your job. However, once you’ve signed the contract, your future employer will act as your sponsor.

Ex-pats are required to have an attorney who will then apply for a piece permit on their behalf with the Ministry of Labor.

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Once the working papers have been granted, your attorney can contact the Migration Department for your move to Panama. This visa is going to be issued for one year at a time.

Work and Residency in Panama

Foreigners with a permanent residence permit for Panama don’t need separate working papers. However, there are four ways to permanently settle in Panama: you’ll either invest or buy a property worth 300,000 USD in Panama, otherwise, you can marry a Panamanian. b

Please note that whichever route you chose to urge a permanent visa for moving to Panama, it’s likely to be a long-winded process involving much bureaucratic procedure. The great news is that if you’re staying within the country legally, you’ll apply for permanent residency five years after your move to Panama – albeit none of the above applies.

Good-luck on your intended move to Panama.

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