Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or summer rash, is an eruption of little bumps (and sometimes tiny blisters) on the skin that can show up when your baby overheats. The rash may be red, especially on light-skinned baby

Heat rashes are common in children of all ages, but it’s most common in little babies. It can cause a lot of discomforts.

This develops when your baby sweats so much that his/her pores clog and sweat can’t get out. (Babies and young children are especially prone to heat rash because they have smaller pores than adults.)

These are ways you can help prevent heat rash on your baby’s skin

1. On a scorching day, keep your baby indoors in an air-conditioned space or look for cool, shady, or breezy places to sit and play outside.

2. Make sure he or she is well hydrated by breastfeeding or formula-feeding often.

3. Keep your baby comfortably cool by dressing her in loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.

4. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, are absorbent and allow her to sweat more efficiently than synthetics. Don’t use plastic diaper covers.

5. Pay attention to areas that tend to get moist, such as the neck, crotch, and other areas where folds of skin can trap sweat. Wash these areas with cool water and try to keep them as dry as possible.

6. Don’t use baby powders – not only can they cause breathing problems and irritate your baby’s lungs, but they also block pores and make the skin warmer.

7. Check your child regularly to see if he/she’s overheating. If you aren’t sure, touch the skin. If it’s damp and hot, the baby’s too warm.

8. If it’s hot at night, use an air conditioner or a fan in your baby’s room. Direct the fan near your baby but not so it’s blowing directly on her. You can also put it very far away so that only very little and gentle breeze reaches your baby. Your baby has to be comfortable, not chilled.

If for some reason your baby contacts heat rash, it is wise to check with your doctor to make sure that your baby’s skin condition really is heat rash.

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