JAMB slip reprint 2021/2022. Here is a detailed guide on how to print JAMB slip, exam date, JAMB exam centres (accredited CBT centres), and time table.

Do you want to know how to print JAMB slip for your forthcoming JAMB exam? Have you registered for the 2020/2021 JAMB exam and you wish to know the exam date? Are you still in doubt of the certified, accredited centres for the 2021 JAMB exam? Probably you may also be searching for the 2020/2021 JAMB time table.


JAMB (fully pronounced as the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) is a board which oversees the organization and conduct of the examination for tertiary-level admissions in Nigeria. Specifically, the examination is described as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and is conducted for Nigerian aspirants of universities, polytechnics or colleges of education.

It is noteworthy that JAMB also oversees the administering of examinations for candidates of private and public monotechnics in Nigeria. While UTME represents the passport examination for tertiary-level admissions, it is reckonable that UTME applicants are expected to have passed West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or any alternative examination such as GCE and NECO.

JAMB (CBT) Examination
Precisely regarded as Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), JAMB’s CBT examination is a yearly exercise organized by JAMB in order to evaluate candidates’ eligibility for tertiary education. It is worthy of note that the examination records no less than 1 million candidates every year. For the current year (2020), JAMB registered more than 2 million applicants for the said examination.

The Release of JAMB Results
JAMB results refer to an aggregate of candidates’ performances at any given CBT examination. It is notable that JAMB often releases candidates’ results few hours after their exams.
Admittedly, JAMB results constitute the requirements for candidates’ successful admission into the Nigerian universities/polytechnics of their choice. While 400 is the highest attainable score in a candidate’s JAMB result, 150 is JAMB’s benchmark for university admission with 100 being the benchmark for polytechnics and colleges of education.

However importantly, you should note that several Nigerian universities stipulate 200 as the minimum JAMB score a candidate must attain before being considered for their admissions. Also, admissions into various highly sought after university courses demand special JAMB scores usually fixed by university authorities.

JAMB Exam Centres
JAMB exam centres are the locations (widely spread across Nigeria’s 36 states) specialized for the conduct of JAMB’s examinations. Notably, such locations are generously equipped with the needed facilities for the smooth conduct of JAMB’s CBT exams.

JAMB 2021 Registration Form
The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, under the stewardship of its Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, stipulated 13th of January, 2020 as the date for the commencement of JAMB (2020) form sale. Professor Oloyede noted that the form sale would last over a 4-week period and that the subsequent examinations would last from 14th of March to 4th of April, 2021.

JAMB Application Process
Below are the general instructions for JAMB registration:
Every candidate is required to create a JAMB profile by forwarding their details to the number 55019. The details include the candidate’s surname, first name and middle name and should be sent as a text message to the said number
Following the above, the candidate will receive a 10-digit profile code which is required for the purchase of their JAMB application form at an MFB, MMO, Bank or other JAMB-authorized outlet
The candidate will receive a text message containing their form e-pin
Subsequently, the candidate is expected to visit any JAMB-authorized CBT centre and submit the e-pin for their registration.

JAMB Reprint 2021: How To Print JAMB Slip Easily For Exam Date?

Then search no more, because on this page. We will explain to you in detail all you need to know about JAMB slip printing, the JAMB exam registration date, JAMB form closing date, JAMB examination date, lists of accredited centres for 2021 JAMB exam and the 2021 JAMB time table. Let move straight to our business of the day, “How to print JAMB slip”

how to print jamb slip

The joint admission and matriculation board have finally activated the JAMB slip reprint portal for candidates to print out their exam slips.

This means that candidates sitting for JAMB CBT can now get their examination slips from JAMB website.

Candidate should know that the exam slip which contains some details of the candidate like name, Date of birth,  registration number, exam date, centre and time is now available.

The slip is expected to show the exam and date and venue of such candidate.

In summary, the Slip is expected to contain your;

  1. Name
  2. Date Of Birth
  3. Registration number,
  4. Exam date,
  5. Centre and time

Is JAMB Reprint slip out for 2021?

The scheduled date for the printing of JAMB exam slip by the board is on March 7th 2021.

But surprisingly the slips were ready and sent to the candidate before the dawn of 6th of March 2021.

NOTE: There is no deadline for the reprint of the slip. Slip will always be available for printing even till the examination date. But all candidates are strongly advised to reprint the exam slip on time before their exam date to avoid stories that touch…LOLS.

How can I check my jamb reprint 2021?

Printing of JAMB exam slip can be done in two ways.


  1. JAMB exam slip portal
  2. Your JAMB profile.

Can I Print JAMB Slip Myself: How To Print  JAMB Slip

Yes! You can print your jamb slip yourself. But advisably, you should do anything that has to do with JAMB in a specialist Cafe (Recommended) or an accredited CBT centre (Highly recommended).

The reason why it is recommended you do this at the cafe is that you will need to print the hard copy of this slip and more you may as well need to make some photocopies of it.

How To Print Jamb Slip

To print your slip, follow these simple steps,

Step 1. Visit the JAMB slip reprint portal by clicking on this link (www.jamb.org.ng/ExamSlipPrinting3/PrintExaminationSlip)

Step 2. Choose your preferred slip printing option.

Here you will be provided with three options to print your slip, the three options you will  see are as follow;

  1. Your phone number (the one used during registration),
  2. Your registered email address
  3. Your Jamb registration number.

Type in anyone you prefer correctly.

Step 3. Finally, a page containing your details will be displayed. This page should contain your (exam venue and exam dates).

If you have a problem with this or your phone is not displaying the full screen, then ensure you enable POP UP in your browser settings. Secondly, if this is still not showing, then use another browser (Chrome is highly recommended)

To switch your browser to desktop mode;

  1. Navigate to the to right have on your chrome browser
  2. Click on the More icon
  3. Look for the Desktop site
  4. Click on it.

Your screen will automatically show the full screen as if you were on a PC.

Step 4. If your phone is connected to a printer, click on print exam slip.

This is to generate a hard copy of your exam details and you are also advised to do at least two photocopies of this (Not compulsory). But it is recommended you have two copies, your original included. The second one might not be coloured.

How Much Is JAMB Slip Reprinting?

Do not allow anyone to extort you. The printing is just 200 naira.

How To Print Slip From E-Mail.

Follow the steps below to print your slip directly from your mailbox

Step 1. Open your mail address (the mail you used in registering for the exam).

Step 2. Check for emails from the jamb

Step 3. Open the message relating to your JAMB slip.

Step 4. Scroll and look for attachment on the mail.

Step 5. Click on it and download it.

Step 6. Print it out

How To Check My JAMB Exam Date And Center

Do you also know you can check your exam date and know your centre which equivalently means checking your JAMB slip directly on JAMB portal? Yes, you can. Follow the steps below to see how to do this.

Step 1. Open your portal (by going to JAMB portal and click on log in efacility account)

Step 2. Enter your mail address and password.

Step 3. You will a lot of boxes, click on the one with the inscription “PRINT MAIN UTME EXAM SLIP“.

Step 4. Connect your phone or PC to a printer and print.

Please if you’re using a system you can use Ctrl + P, to print.

We hope this article answers your questions on how to print JAMB slip. This is the much we can take on the topic. Kindly help us share this information if it was helpful. Thank you for reading. You may as well check out some other related updates on jamb 2021 updates here.



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