How to receive Twitter Notifications, Tweets and Messages as SMS on Mobile


Receive Twitter Tweets, Notifications via SMS

There are third-party apps that enable Twitter users to receive incoming tweets, messages and notifications on their mobile phone without the need of going to twitter website to check timeline and profile all the time, but most of these apps make use of internet connection. There is a way to receive all tweets, mentions, retweets and notifications by SMS (text message) without accessing the internet and that is what we will be sharing today.

Twitter SMS allow Twitter users to receive all notifications on their phone via text message. It also let you follow a specific twitter handle via SMS with an option provided to turn on/off the SMS notification at anytime. You will be charged when you first activate this service, but no additional fee is attached after then.

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Follow the steps below to activate Twitter SMS:

  • Login to your twitter profile, if you don’t have a twitter account sign up on //
  • After signing in, go to “profile”, scroll down to the bottom of the page if you logged in using your Android phone and click on “Settings”. If you are using a computer, the “profile” menu will be on the top right of the window
  • Under “Settings” you will see where you can add your phone number (If you are using PC, you’ll see “Mobile” under options), input your phone number and save
  • You will be asked to verify your number by sending START to a specific short code. You can view your country network carrier short code HERE
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After following the procedures Twitter SMS will be activated on your phone number. You can now be receiving notifications via text message. To turn it off simply go to Settings and click the “On” button beside “notification”, from there you can disable and manage all notifications received.

To receive tweets of a specific Twitter handle via SMS, go to the user profile, you will see a small notification icon, click on it. You will be asked if you want to start receiving the user tweets as SMS, select “Confirm” to turn it on.

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