How to Recover Lost Files on MacBooks and MaC Desktop PCs


How to recover deleted files in Mac

Protecting ones files and data from different sort of hijacking by using security software sometimes may not be enough to combat certain form of issues when using a MacBook or an iPad. The amount of viruses and malwares roaming around the web has vigorously increased in multiple folds over the past decades. While some security software can perfectly handle these devils, at a certain point in time an user is bound to make a mistake in unknowingly allowing one to pass through, either by negligence or by other forms of distraction. Men are prone to mistake, aren’t we?

We all know how very important our data is, our pictures, files, contacts, documents, emails and whatever else that make us uncomfortable when destroyed or secretly leaked out. Apple’s MacOS may have a strong immunity to resist certain form of attack or accident than its Windows counterpart, but that doesn’t mean it is not prone to natural disaster that are bound to occur at any point in time during use. Loss of data is a general issue on computer machines because many things are involved that may invoke data loss.

The first and foremost is virus or malware attack. These devils with forks when sneaked in can cause critical damage to the whole operating system by corrupting user data and system data hosted on the hard disk drive. Some are even extreme in how they destroy data, by using some sort of encryption to rewrite the data and make it un-accessible both to the user and the operating system.

Data loss can also occur naturally when using your MacBook or Mac desktop. For instance, absentmindedly using the Command + Del key to delete an important file is a known issue and sudden power loss when the hard disk is running at full speed is a known fact as well. Moreover, the hard disk is not resilient to any malfunction that may incur partition lost when aging. These are but limited conditions that can trigger data loss. The question now is, how can you get your data back? How can you restore the lost files?

EaseUS is a Chinese multinational company that is specialized in data management software. The company’s recovery software aimed at Mac users can recover data loss that may occur as a result of the aforementioned circumstances on any MacBooks, iPads or Mac desktops. Using the software is pretty easy as the process involved is automated. No special skills are required too, the interface is simple and it is quite straightforward.

How to use EaseUS:

Launch the app and select the directory/partition you want to recover data from

The app will scan the selected directory/partition and show the deleted files

Select the files you want to retrieve and click the “Recover Now” button

With EaseUS data recovery, Mac users can restore any type of files including photos, audios, movies, documents, emails and lots more, even if the partition is corrupted. The software can retrieve deleted or lost files from any system partition and even from external storage such as portable HDD, SSD, or SD card plugged into the system.

The Mac data recovery is available for free on EaseUS website for a limited number of use. However, the company also provide a paid version that gives full access for unlimited number of use without any restrictions for US$62.96.


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