How to recover lost files on your Windows PC hard drive


Recover lost files Windows PC

I once encountered a situation whereby all the files I stored (mostly software and some important pdf files) on another partition on my PC hard drive were corrupted due to hard disk failure. It is a gruesome experience indeed, but after seeking for a workable solution I was able to retrieve the lost files and get things back to normal using a free data recovery software.

Hard disk failure mostly occurs when the hard drive is getting old, and sometimes when the PC unexpectedly shut down, which may be due to a power failure or the system having a tantrum that the user is unawere of. These mostly result in data loss, partition loss, or system files getting corrupted.

Another factor that can trigger data loss is harmful virus or malware. From opening unsolicited emails to downloading contents that are malware affected on the internet, ones PC can easily get affected. Virus attack is a known factor too, especially the gruesome ones, which can corrupt hundreds of files within a second and cripple the operating system, resulting in a malfunctioning Windows or unbootable Windows.

There are other ways to lost a file on a PC— emptying the recycle bin or unintentionally using the CTRL+DEL key to delete a file can results in data loss as well. If you find yourself in any of these situations, the good news is you can get your files back by using EaseUS Data Recovery.


Select partition and click scan


Scan in progress


Preview and recover the deleted files

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EaseUS Data Recovery made it easy to recover lost files on Windows PC. It is as simple as launching the software, selecting the desire partition and clicking the start button to fetch. The recovery software can also retrieve lost files on corrupted system partition, external storage, and on other type of data storage including SSD, memory card, flash drive, USB, and pen drive.

Moreover, its recycle bin recovery feature can easily fetch files that are deleted from the recycle bin. There is an option to preview a file if it is an audio, video, picture or other document and users can choose to dispose or recover the file with one click of a button. File extension is no barrier, it can recover a wide range of file extensions including compressed files such as ZIP, RAR and ISO.

The software comes in paid and free versions. The free version let users recover up to 2GB of lost data, while there is no limit in paid version. It works on all version of Windows including Windows 10 and there is a version for MaC. It only takes about 40MB of space on the hard disk when installed.

EaseUS Data Recovery comes handy when facing data loss crisis and is very light in size to carry around, even in a phone memory card incase of an emergency.


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