How To Reduce Your Android Data Usage


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Android is considered as one of the best mobile operating system platform when it comes to flexibility, accessibility, easy access of use, and user experience, but some people still found it difficult to get optimum satisfaction when it comes to battery life and data usage.

When buying a new smartphone, one of the major thing people considered first is the battery life, which of course is one of the most crucial thing that can not be overlooked when choosing the best phone that suite our needs. Though, there are some steps users can take to even get more out of their battery.

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Now, when it comes minimizing your data usage, there are some procedures involved that you need to take note of. First, your phone must be rooted. Root is needed to gain access to some restricted area in your phone. Without root you can not access and re-configured some processes to your advantage.

These are things you need to do to reduce your Android data usage.

1.) Download firewall app to restrict some apps from accessing the internet

You can restrict an unwanted app from gaining access to your internet data by using DroidWall. The app requires root access, however. It will greatly help in reducing your data cost and help enhance the intenet speed of foreground apps.

2.) Hibernating system apps that consume too much data when not needed

Hibernating apps that you cannot restrict i.e Google Play, can help reduce your data consumption. Greenify is more capable of doing the job, but it only support Android 4.0+. If you are using an older Android version like 2.2 – 2.3 you can use App Quarantine. Both apps require root access.

3.) Disable Background data and Auto Sync

Background data and auto sync enable apps to access internet data when running in background, and to synchronize necessary data anytime you turn your mobile data on. Most of the basic apps that use the service includes Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Location, Google, Gmail, News and many more. You can manually sync the apps by opening them or by clicking the refresh button if available.

4.) By using a light browser

Most of the time, the browser used in accessing the internet determines the amount of data that will be consumed. Heavy browsers tend to fully render a web page while light browsers do not. Heavy browsers that are widely known are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Dolphin browser. Light browsers can greatly reduced data consumption, but most of the time they cannot fully or perfectly render a web page. The most popular of these light browsers are UC Mini and Opera Mini.

By following the steps above, you will be able to reduce your Android phone data usage and increase your battery life.


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