Though downloading one or a few images from a website is an easy task, but the real deal is to bulk download images from a website. There’s no such built-in functionality in your operating system or web browser that facilitates bulk image downloading. That’s when you need a third-party tool (whether online or offline tool), which will allow you to download images in bulk.

This article talks about a few tools to get the work done. It also discusses the entire process or a walkthrough for downloading images from almost any web gallery located on the internet. Keep reading for lots of information.


ImgDownloader is one such bulk image downloader, which allows image downloading instantly. It’s an online tool that works on a cloud server. There’s no need to register or create an account. Simply visit the website and proceed with your work. It’s totally free and there’s no need to provide your credit card details either.

There’s a customer care team that is dedicated to troubleshooting any issues. If you’re unable to use the service or if you’ve got some custom requirements, the team will entertain all your needs. So never hesitate to reach out to them.

Advantages Of ImgDownloader

Besides so many features, here’s a list of reasons for using ImgDownloader in the first place.

  1. It saves time. The processing is super fast and the server will respond within a minute under normal circumstances. This will help you save your precious time.
  2. Automatic process. All you have to do is enter the URL and the tool will take care of the rest. Since all the process from this point forward is automatic, you don’t have to do much work.
  3. Unlimited access. You can use this tool as much as you want. Spend all day all night, there’s no restriction.
  4. It is a Instagram Images downloader. It has always been tricky to download images from Instagram. ImgDownloader has made it easier for you. It also allows users to download videos from Instagram.
  5. It is a bulk image downloader from Google. There’s a dedicated setting if you want to download images from Google in bulk.
  6. It is a Pinterest Images downloader. By entering a simple URL and you could download all images from Pinterest.
  7. Users are most concerned about privacy nowadays. Worry not, because ImgDownloader doesn’t save your images on the cloud server. You’ll get total privacy.

How To Use ImgDownloader?

Go through the steps below if you want to download images in bulk via ImgDownloader.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Make sure you have the URL of the webpage handy from where you’re looking to downloading bulk images.
  3. Paste the URL in the textbox. If it’s a Google webpage, select the “Google” tab, or select “Instagram” if your URL is an Instagram profile.
  4. Click on the search button on the right. Wait until the scanning is finished.
  5. If the tool finds any media on the given URL, a list of the preview will be displayed on the screen. The tool is capable of extracting images, videos, and or mp4 files.
  6. Click on the “Download All” button if you want to download all those media on your computer at once. Alternatively, each media preview will have a dedicated “Download” button below them. Click on it to download that specific file on your PC. Voila!

Other Tools

In addition to ImgDownloader, there are lot many tools that provide the same functionality. This section will cover them.

How To Use Image Host Grabber?

Follow these steps to use this bulk image downloader Firefox extension.

  1. Download and install the Firefox extension from the official website Make sure you’re using Firefox for this.
  2. Once the extension installs, you’re good to begin downloading images. If Firefox fails to install the extension, you’ll need to update your host file on the computer. Assuming that you’re using Windows PC, download the host file from This will be an XML file. If you’re unsure how to proceed, view the “Host File Editor Manual” on
  3. When the extension installs, all you have to do is visit the website where the images are located. Right-click on the page and you’ll see the Image Host Grabber menu entry. This will be used to grab all images located on the webpage.
  4. If the host file is found by the extension (make sure you’ve installed the host file), it’ll begin downloading images on your computer automatically.

How To Use Image Grabber?

Let’s see how to use this bulk image downloader chrome extension.

  1. Download and install the chrome extension from grabber/codgffmjmmfaihkhhcfifbfooeoepgfm.
  2. Make sure you’re using Google Chrome for this.
  3. When the installation completes, all you have to do is visit the website from where you want to download the images. Make sure there are images present on that webpage.
  4. The installed extension must be visible in the toolbar. Find the Image grabber extension from there and click on it.
  5. If the extension finds images, it’ll display them on the screen along with the file format of that image.
  6. Click on the “Download all” button to begin downloading all the found files on your computer. A major issue here is that it’ll ask you for the download location for each image. So if you’ve found 100 images on a webpage, you might end up setting the download location for each image individually, which can be truly frustrating. But this tool also works on Instagram.


By the end of this article, we discussed some tools that allow bulk image downloading from a given website. All of them are free to use. Some of them are web browser extensions, while some work online on a cloud server. If you’re unable to download images from a website, maybe you’re entering the incorrect URL.

Therefore, it’s very important to double-check that you’re inputting the correct URL. The best way to ensure this is that you copy the address directly from the address bar by visiting that webpage. When you’re done downloading the images, we suggest disabling the web extensions when not in use. This will ensure the smooth functioning of your web browser.

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