Sometimes you just notice that your Twitter followers are reducing and you don’t really the people that are unfollowing you and the the reason for that, the feeling can be very disappointing, however, you can use the website and steps in this article to see who has unfollowed you on twitter.

How to See Who Has Unfollowed You on Twitter

Log in to the website of Who Unfollowed Me.

You’ll need a web browser and your Twitter login details to start using Who Unfollowed Me.

You’ll be routed to a website that displays all of your recent data after login into the Twitter account you wish to monitor. Since you’ve just recently started monitoring your account using Who Unfollowed Me, this data should be all zeros.


You’ll see your follow and unfollow counts when you return to Who Unfollowed Me at a later time, at least 14 minutes later. The Most Recent area displays data from your most recent visit to Who Unfollowed Me, while the Last 30 Days section displays data from the last 30 days (less if you’re a new user).

Viewing Who Unfollowed You

Who Has Unfollowed You is a feature that allows you to see who has unfollowed you
You’ll find links beneath each of your follow or unfollow counts on the same Dashboard page that will take you to lists of the related Twitter individuals.

Clicking the See Unfollower History button, for example, will lead you to the page displayed in the image above. The following data is presented in this area:

Photo and name on Twitter
Counting down
The number of people who follow you is important.
Total number of tweets
In the rightmost column, you may also follow or unfollow these individuals. This helps keep your mutual followers (and unfollows) simpler.

When it comes to mutuals, it’s easy to ignore Who Unfollowed Me’s tools for keeping track of yours.

Clicking Connections in the top navigation bar will show you a list of individuals who aren’t following you, those who aren’t following you, and your mutual followers. These lists are restricted to the 100 most recent users, but it’s simple to handle if you’re not very popular and check regularly.

Who Unfollowed Me is the greatest method to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter, and we hope this article has shown you how to use it. Keep in mind that your recent unfollowers are monitored since the previous time you used this service, so you’ll need to keep track of how frequently you utilize it. Best of luck with your Twitter growth!

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