The food business is one of the very lucrative businesses in Nigeria simply because people have to eat. Starting a food business in Nigeria is a step in the right direction especially if you know the right way to go about it.

Like every other business in Nigeria, the food business has its ups and downs from such irregular power supply, unavailability of materials among several other problems associated with the food business.

There are a few things every food vendor or entrepreneur in Nigeria must put in place and into consideration before venturing into the business.

1. Have a plan
Before starting any business, a plan is needed. e. A plan helps you to keep abreast of what is needful and what is irrelevant to you. Your plan will also help you see your business before you start, it will help you see where your business is headed. Depending on the concept you are going with ( is it a buka, restaurant, or a grand scale eatery), having a plan will help you know how to properly establish it.

2. Update your culinary skills
People who start food businesses most of the time already are experts in cooking or have a great passion for cooking. Before starting any business, make sure you are up to date with the necessary skills needed for the business.

3. Find a great location
For a business like the food business, a good location is always needed. Find a location where it will be easy for clients to locate you.

4. Create a menu
A distinctive menu is also very necessary when starting your food business. Also, put in thought the kind of staff ( e.g cook) that you will employ. You can have a signature dish that is synonymous to only you as this can bring you and your business more popularity.

5. Give your restaurant a good theme
Creating a relaxing atmosphere for your customers to eat is vital to if they will be coming back the next time. Chose a theme that is distinct but at the same time can serve you for a long ( you might not be able to change it very soon).

6. Hire the right people for the job
Employ people that you know will represent your brand well since they will constantly interact with customers on a daily basis.


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