How To Start Scrap Metal Supply Business In Nigeria


Are you aware that Scrap Metal and Aluminum Supply Business in Nigeria is a huge goldmine? What usually come to your mind whenever you see those young boys mostly from the Northern hunting for scrap metal and aluminum in your neighborhood? You always say in your mind “what an hungry scavengers”? My brother, you better think again! Those guys you see as hungry are in reality making serious dough while you are there whining in pity.

Forget white collar job, dealing on scrapped aluminum, iron, copper wires, plastics and other used or abandoned materials considered worthless by many is turning in over N50 billion annually to stakeholders. Every week, hundreds of truckloads of such scraps find their way to companies’ recycle plants located in Lagos and other parts of the country where they are turned into iron or aluminum billets, plastics materials for manufacturing metal products, aluminum profiles, plastic products or other finished products.

My investigations reveal that not less than one million Lagosians, mostly youths, are eking out a living converting trash to cash in the thriving Lagos market of scraps that dot the length and breadth of Lagos. My investigation further revealed that the patrons of scrap dealers are big companies like African Foundries Limited which hopes to commence export of about 500, 000 metric tons of iron ore to African countries; Delta Steel Rolling Company, Alaja, which has installed capacity to roll out 1.5 million metric tons, and several others.

With the completely collapse of iron mining ores in the country. steal manufacturers and rolling companies have no other options than to turn to waste metal and aluminum as great alternatives which is even cheaper. As a result, more ordinary people are making a living supplying these materials to them and keeping the environment clean at the same time.

If you can gather enough metal, copper, or aluminum in good quantity through any reasonable means, be sure of good money. You wouldn’t even need to transport is because the companies you supply will come picking it themselves. Yours is to take your profit after sales

The metal is measured in weight and each weight has a given price. Below are the prices:

1 Ton of metal = N30,000 – N35,000

10 Tons or Trailer load of metal = N300,000 – N350,000

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1 Ton of Aluminum = N120,000

10 Tons of Aluminum = N1,200,000

These things are picked freely as waste everywhere in Lagos and other cities. If you set out to gather it yourself, you will surely gather up to ten tons within a month and sell between N350,000 to N1.3 million depending on the type of metal you gathered.

Types Of Metals Scrap you can Supply

Anything called aluminum and iron metal scraps is a good deal. Start going around now to look for the following types of waste metal

Scrap machinery from construction companies.
Electrical equipments.
Scrap aluminum zink of all type.
Scrap electrical wires of all type.
Scrap auto spare parts of all type.
Scrap ship or plane parts
Scrap beams, rods.

Incase you don’t know where to sell your gathered scraps in Big tonnes, The following companies buys this materials in great quantity at anytime of the year. All you have to do is to get them in quantity and call their attention to it, they will come over for it or you take it to them if you like.

Alomalink Recycling Nigeria Ltd
Km-38 Miles 2 Express Way
Contact Francis 08099766025


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