How to Start Web Designing

Being a webmaster is not a day job you need to face different errors and my own best advice for every webmasters is to be patient and honest.
Today i will begiving you some little tips on how to be or how to start web designing.

If you have not already started doing it, start studying websites and how different ones work. Look at dozens and dozens of sites and learn what works and what does not work. Most websites have major problems. Learn to see the problems, then figure out what can be done to solve those problems. In other words, long before you actually start designing sites, you should have a firm grasp on what makes a good site and what makes a poor site.

Practice, practice, practice. Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from your own mistakes. No one ever learned to walk without lots of practice. Same with designing and everything else in life.

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Usually the simplest websites work the best. They may not look great (think Craigslist), but they have lots of traffic. Some of the most successful sites are also some of the plainest of plain jane sites, again think Craigslist. Or look at Google. Not as plain jane as Craigslist, but still nothing really fancy. What makes those sites tops in their fields?

Try using lots of different sites. Notice how fast they are. Notice how easy they are to navigate. After a while you will have learned what to do and not to do when you are designing sites.


When you find a slow site, or one that is hard to navigate, try to figure out WHY they are that way. What would you do differently to avoid those problems? Look at the source code to see if you can find a problem there. Yes, source code looks like gibberish when you first look at it, but so did books, letters, signs, etc before you learned how to read.

Once you get to where you can instantly know what makes a good site and what does not, then, and only then, can you start doing actual designing. If you start trying to design before you learn this, you will spin your wheels trying to force your designs to work and will constantly being trashing your work and starting over. Or you will add more GARBAGE to the cesspool that we call the internet. And you will not be happy nor successful as a designer.

And You should start by learning HTML and CSS. This will give you an understanding how a website is constructed. You can do this by helping friends and family construct simple websites or with online sources like Codecademy

Photoshop is a tool for graphic design, not for web design. You can use it to create graphic elements, though. I don’t recommend to use WordPress, it will give you lots of headaches and it generates rubbish html, it’s much better to use a static generator (I like wok), but first learn how to write proper HTML using semantic markup and then adapting your design to your content.

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If you are a beginner, My advice is that you should go for blogger First. Its easy, fast, reliable. You can focus more on your niche than on just designing. Go and check out the various themes. Try and learn how these themes are made. Learn the HTML concepts. I designed this website // and people really love it.  TO be honest, I know web designing but still i use WP because its better.  

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