This guide will show you how to  Watch Youtube On Android Auto Via AA Mirror

Of course, watching favourite YouTube videos while on the go is one of the pleasures that some car drivers desire. With the help of the Android Auto system, more and more drivers are now at an advantage of connecting smartphones with their car systems, thereby allowing them to stream YouTube videos while on the go. But again, such people need an “adapter” app such as the Android Auto Mirror (AA Mirror) in order to achieve this.

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Courtesy of AA Mirror, it becomes possible to use Android Auto and enjoy watching your videos whether as streamed contents or downloaded contents saved in your smartphone’s local storage.

In this article, you’ll find out the easy-to-follow guide on how to watch YouTube videos on Android Auto using AA Mirror.

Steps for Setting up Android Auto, AA Mirror and Your Smartphone for Watching YouTube Videos

Aa mirror | ANDROID AUTO AA MIRROR 2018 Mirror Screen App

Before you comply with the following installation instructions, be sure that your smartphone has been actively rooted.

  • Activate the installation of apps from unknown sources –you can do this under your smartphone’s device settings
  • Then, download both the AA Mirror app file and the Phenotype Pacher app file
  • On your smartphone, install the two app files as well as Android Auto
  • Set up a connection between your smartphone and Android Auto

  • Open Google Play on your device and install Android Auto from it if it’s yet to be installed on your smartphone
  • Launch the application, ensuring that there’s no connection yet between your car system and your smartphone
  • As the Android Auto app is running, hit the information icon you find therein
  • To activate programming and development options, you have to immediately tap the information option in Android Auto in a count of ten
  • After that, hit the Developer option and click Application Mode
  • Hit the Developer option one more time
  • To set up the app for connection with other apps, toggle downwards to the bottom of the app screen and choose the option Unknown Sources
  • Since you’re expected to have downloaded and installed the AA Mirror app, explore its destination folder and open the app
  • Choose the option Screen Settings and comply with the configuration steps below:
    • Toggle the option Overwrite screen brightness to ON
    • Set screen brightness value to 255
    • Switch the option screen rotation to Force
    • Toggle rotation degree to 90
    • Set immersive mode to full immersive

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Steps for Setting up Android Auto

  • Launch the Android Auto app on your smartphone
  • Choose menu and then, hit the Information option –it’s very essential that you don’t connect your device to your car system and that the device is left on
  • Tap the option Information for Android Auto in a count of ten so as to activate Android Auto’s developer settings –this will also help finalize the setup for streaming movies
  • At the top of the left-hand side of your screen, tap the three vertical dots you find
  • Then, comply with the configuration settings below:
    • Disable ANR Monitoring
    • Allow 1080p video output
    • Unknown Origins
    • Allow 720p video output

Establishing a Connection between Your Car System and Your Smartphone

  • With the aid of a USB cable, connect your smartphone with your car’s (media) system
  • Hit the icon situated down the right side of the first screen of your car monitor
  • Doing the above triggers a screen showing the applications that have been set up for use with the car
  • You’ll find all those apps with the inclusion of AA Mirror Plus. You can start making use of all the apps installed on your smartphone once you select it

Having duly followed all the steps explained so far, you can then easily view and stream YouTube videos and even contents on other streaming platforms as you so wish.


We strongly believe that the guide above has helped you set up your car system for watching YouTube videos via connections with Android Auto and AA Mirror. However if you’re finding it difficult to make headway with the steps, make sure your smartphone has active root settings and that you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources on it.

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