How You Can Sell Your Stag Beetle For Over $80,000 In These 3 Places

Stag beetles are native to North America and their lifestyle has been studied extensively.

The unique qualities of stag beetles make them a perfect example of how every animal on this planet is interconnected. They are scavengers and also predators that eat other insects, including those bugs they hunt for food.

If you already have the stag beetle in your possession, then you should consider yourself lucky. You should know that the stag beetle is different from every other beetles, therefore you should carefully and thoroughly scrutinize one to know if it is stag or not.

If you base in US, you can sell your stag beetle for over 80,000USD, if you are a Nigerian. You can sell your stag beetle for over N30m(such breathtaking and mind seizing amount). Yes, it is true and it isn’t a scam, neither is it a rumour. The stag beetle is stinkingly expensive, for more information you can make your own research.

Stag beetle is the most expensive insect in the world

The stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) is a large insect in the Lucanidae family. It can be found in central and western Europe, where it lives on coniferous trees. The stag beetle is the most expensive insect in the world, costing $3,600 per kilogram.

The stag beetle has been around for over 50 million years and is a prized insect for collectors because of its rarity. These beetles are difficult to capture and have an extremely short lifespan when kept in captivity so they do not end up as domesticated animals like other insects.

 It’s been ages since the stag beetle was sold, as buyers already think it went extinction. The stag beetle is a little bit common here in Nigeria, but it is rare in Europe. Who would want to buy an insect in Nigeria, the best thing to do here is to explore online, there are some companies interested in buying rare insects;

-InsectNet Market Place:

You can search for “InsectNet Market Place”, open an account and then read their guidelines. You must make sure you have an insect to sell before you open an account on InsectNet Market Place(insects are being bought and sold here).


Insect-sale do buy insects also, but they do more of selling. You can visit the site, or search for “Insect-sale” on Google. You can sell your rare insect there if you are lucky enough.

 These are the two legit sites, you can also sell it here in Nigeria.

-Museum do buy insects also, if it’s stag beetle, they will surely pay you more. If they realize that the beetle you are about to sell is “stag beetle”, do not sell it below N30m. You should be careful.

Can Stag beetle truly summon thunder?

The stag beetle has a strange defense mechanism: it can emit a sound that sounds like thunder to scare off predators.

The sound that the beetle makes is called stridulation, and it is generated by scraping one set of its body parts across another set.


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