The Huawei mate x phone has a foldable design with a 5G network that is so fast compared to other Huawei phones. Back then, when sci-fi was the fiction of what we see in Holly movies left us in awe after watching it. Huawei has its own foldable phone which buyers will absolutely like.

This foldable design is trendy already; the latest iPhone 12 is a phone with a foldable design.

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Apart from this, Samsung has also produced its own foldable phone too. The Huawei mate X folds inwardly like a notebook, and this is the way the phone works. The phone comes with a single foldable 8-inch that can fold into two separate screens of the Huawei mate X phone.

Huawei Mate X Key Summary

  • Foldable OLED Display 8″
  • Operating software Android 9.0 Pie
  • 8GB RAM
  • Octacore Huawei kirin 980SoC
  • 512GB inbuilt storage
  • Triple Camera 40MP+16MP+8MP
  • 4GLTE Network Support
  • Non-Removable Li-Po Battery 4,500mAh

Design and Display

Weibo video indicates that Mate X might be another fragile ...

In the process of designing this foldable gadget by Huawei Mate X, the company has to make use of the Falcon Wing Hinge System. This is a material being used in constructing the hinge system and making them not expose by the OEM. This material helps in protecting the Falcon Wing Hinge System.

During the last test, 100,000 folds were carried out during the lab test. This shows that  in the aspect of durability, users don’t need to be afraid at all. For this foldable part, a button is found on the phone located at the sidebar.

Once the button is being pressed, the phone stretches and becomes a full view tablet display. On the sidebar of this phone, there are triple cameras, a fingerprint sensor to function as a power button, and the USB Port at the bottom of the side bar.

Three in One OLED displays

The phone gives an 8″ tablet that integrating with 2200×2480 pixels resolution and 414ppi density. By this, the phone can be seen via the small screen and also when it extends to become a tablet which gives it a fuller version.



Huawei is being known for having good photography and this has shown in its various smartphones. Therefore, it has triple rear cameras comprising of a wide lens camera of 40MP, Ultra-wide Sensor of 16MP, and telephoto Sensor of 8MP. There is no selfie camera in this device and this doesn’t affect the uniqueness of this Huawei Mate X.

Hardware and Software

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It will amaze you to know this phone is powered by the Kirin 980SoC. This is based on the fact  that the phone itself is a flagship phone of 7nm SoC manufactured by Huawei.


The chipset is being balanced with a RAM size of 8GB. A 512GB memory card can work well with the phone. This expansion can be made with the use of a Nano memory card, and this increases the internal storage to 256GB.

Battery and Connectivity

The phone has dual battery added together to give a total of 4,500mAh. They are placed side-by-side in the phone for duration. It has a fast-charging speed and this has been made possible by the 55W Supercharge.

This pumps full power into the smartphone, and within 30 minutes of charging, the phone can move from 0% to 85% in 30 minutes. It has a 5G network to allow 5G connectivity for online download at a fast speed.

Huawei Mate X Price and Availability

The price of the phone is $2,400, and this can be bought from any online store. It is available in several parts of the world where we have Huawei lovers. Even on AliExpress, one can still place an order there.

Huawei is keeping up with the time and this has shown through this Huawei mate X which can be foldable. In the phone world, there are lots of inventions to change the regular features to attract buyers, and this phone shows Huawei is also ready for the challenge with other of its competitors.                          

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