ICPC online aptitude test date 2022/2023 – When is ICPC recruitment online aptitude and written assessment date? How can I check my ICPC aptitude test 2020 date online easily?

icpc recruitment aptitude test date 2020

If you have been asking any of the questions above, then you are on the right page already.

QUICK FACT: Only about 220 candidates will be recruited from a total of 376,631 applications received on ICPC recruitment portal.

By now, I believe you know that ICPC recruitment online application for vacant positions on DCSL recruits portal (www.dcslrecruits.com) ended on January 30, 2022.

If you also applied for ICPC recruitment, then you should know that shortlisted candidates will be subjected to an online aptitude test and written assessment.

As a result of that, I have decided to write this post to guide you on how to check if you are shortlisted by ICPC DCSL recruits, how to online screening will look like and what to do after that.

Let’s dive right in.

ICPC Aptitude Test Date 2022

According to www.icpc.gov.ng, an e-mail will be sent to successful candidates, which will include a link to the aptitude test portal.

While it is not officially announced yet, I believe that the online aptitude test WILL NOT have a specific date.

Once you receive a mail that you have been shortlisted for the online test, a link to the aptitude test portal will be provided and your login details will also be sent as part of the e-mail.

In order words, there is no official portal to check your ICPC aptitude test date 2022/2023 online.

This is what I have seen in past online aptitude tests for recruitment exercises like this.

So, here’s what you should do.

As from now, keep checking the email address you used to apply for ICPC recruitment on www.dcslrecruits.com for any message.

According to ICPC, the message will be sent from DCSL Corporate Services Ltd.

In a bid to keep you updated too, I will post any news regarding ICPC shortlist and screening date on this page immediately anything comes up.

In order not to miss out, make sure you drop your email address below in the comment section to receive updates.

How ICPC Recruitment Aptitude Test 2020 Will Look Like

You may be thinking, “how will this aptitude test even look like self?”.

Well, here’s the gist.

Recruitment aptitude tests are somehow similar to scholarship examinations too.

It will be a test of IQ and Logical Reasoning.

You can get ICPC aptitude past question and practise with it so that you have an idea of what the examination will look like.

What Next After The Aptitude Test?

Applicants who pass the ICPC aptitude test will go to the next stage which is Interview.

In the interview stage, you will be further subjected to background checks and certificate verification.

You will also undergo a polygraph test in addition to a paramilitary training that will last for at least 6 months to ascertain your physical fitness.

Only 220 candidates will scale through to the final stage of ICPC recruitment test 2022 and will be recruited.

If you have any question, feel free to use the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment below to receive updates when the shortlist and aptitude test begins.

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    • I was shortlisted and I wrote the test but there was system error in my results 7/25 second submition is 15/25 I don’t know what is wrong but any hope of getting to next stage…

      • Hello, I also got the Same error message, I wrote today. From ur comment did u write twice? How did u get to write again cos my token isn’t logging in again. Plz help me

  1. Hello I did not print any slip when I did the ICPC registration I have already done the test, please how can I print confirmation??

  2. Hi,I got a mail and an sms but no token no..I have checked my inbox,spam or junk like a million times since I got the mail..yet nothing and my scheduled date is 2mrw,what do I do?

  3. I received a message that I’ll be writing exam today 16 August 9am-4pm but I can’t access the portal (the link they sent to me). Any help please

  4. Today I received message about reschedule for an online test but I didn’t receive token code messages to my email address

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