Singapore is a good place to live: safe, well-developed, and sunny. If you want to immigrate to Singapore and obtain a passport, which is the second most powerful worldwide, then you need to start thinking about a series of arrangements.

In this article we will introduce you to the entire process of becoming a Singapore citizen.

Steps Required to obtain a Singapore Passport?

Immigrate to Singapore and Become a Singapore citizen

There are three main steps to become a Singapore citizen:

  1. apply for a permit,
  2. become a permanent resident, and
  3. apply for a passport

1. Apply for a permit

There are three ways to reach the ultimate goal: permanent resident.

The requirements of the Investor (GIP) program and the Artist (ForArts) program are very clear: you need to invest a lot of money or be a star.

Therefore, people usually choose the skilled migration (PTS) program. According to the skilled migration program, you only need to hold one of the three types of visa sponsored by the company that invites you to Singapore. The length of your stay depends on your employment contract.

  • SP is a visa for experienced professionals, that is, intermediate technical personnel.
  • Entrepreneur Pass: To obtain this pass, you need to have a company that has received government funding or investor investment, or can prove that it has innovative ideas.
  • The Employment Pass (EP) is the most straightforward option: you need to get a job opportunity in a company management position. If no one hires you, it doesn’t matter, you can start a company yourself and use that company to get EP.

Since EP is the most common choice, let’s take a closer look at how to obtain EP.

EP application requirements

  • There is a fixed monthly salary of 6000 SGD-8000 SGD. If you want to bring your family, the monthly salary requirement may be higher, about S$12,000.
  • Possess a higher education degree, preferably from a well-known university
  • Have experience related to job descriptions
  • Profile of the company that invited you to work
  • If you registered the company yourself, you need to prove that you are serious about registering the company and that you can pay yourself wages. The authorities will also check your bank account, so please make sure that your company account has at least about 50,000 SGD.

2. Become a permanent resident through the skilled migration (PTS) program

After becoming a permanent resident, you have all the privileges that a Singaporean citizen has except the right to vote and hold public office.

Permanent Resident Requirements

There are very few requirements to apply for permanent residents, but in fact, many applications will be rejected without any explanation.

Every year, up to 30,000 people are granted permanent resident status, so there are probably millions on the queue.

  • Employer application (also called Annex A): Unlike EP, permanent residency is not sponsored by your employer, but if you want to apply for a skilled migration (PTS) program, this document (Annex A) is also necessary.
  • Salary level confirmation: To apply for permanent resident status, your monthly salary requirement is around S$12,000, especially when you have to bring your family.
  • The required documents include photo application, EP, ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, education certificate, salary certificate and employment certificate. All documents published in your native language need to be officially translated. If your family members want to apply with you, they also need to prepare documents and translate them.

3. Become a Singapore Citizen

To some extent, this step is easier than obtaining permanent resident status, but it takes longer, and you never know whether and when your application is approved.

Requirements for becoming a Singapore citizen

  • Documents to be submitted: ID card, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, employment certificate, education certificate, salary certificate, and military service certificate. If your family members also want to apply to become Singapore citizens, they must also submit these supporting documents.
  • Pass an interview with the Singapore Immigration Agency (ICA) (Singapore Immigration Agency is a government agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs). Each applicant pays a handling fee of S$100. 

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