Are you wondering How investing in Tron (TRX) today can make you the next cryptocurrency millionaire?

Now, imagine this.

If you had bought and invested in Ethereum earlier February 2020 when the price was around $110 per ETH.

And then you hold it up until now when the prices are around $300 per coin.

You would have worth $200 plus in just a space of a few months without actually doing any form of work.

Do you see how much money you would have made?

This same investing Logic is applicable to every cryptocurrency out there because the primary goal is to Buy Low and Sell High.

Now imagine Tron is currently sold for $0.02, still being able to make Top 16 list on the 100 most capital profiting coin of the world.


The best part is:

  • You don’t even need to be a professional trader to invest in tron
  • You don’t even need to have sound knowledge of cryptocurrency investing before you can invest in tron.
  • Neither, do You need to have a robust computer or special resources to invest in Tron?
  • Even if you have not done a thing like this before, you can actually create a Tron wallet and invest in tron

That’s mind-blowing right, but then there are some good facts and bad facts on investing in Tron.

And that what we are going to discuss in these few pages.

I will be revealing to you everything you need to know about investing in Tron in the headline below.

  • What is Tron
  • A concise history of Tron foundation
  • Who is Jun Sun
  • Is Tron a scam
  • Is investing in tron profitable
  • Top Companies partnering with Tron
  • How to invest in Tron and lots more.

So without wasting Much ado let kick-off.

What is Tron (TRX)

Tron (TRX) is a decentralized blockchain that also uses P2P technology launched in September 2017 and that allows you to create on the basis of smart contracts.

A huge number of large crypto companies use this currency. And a lot of cryptocurrency experts have predicted that tron has a great future.

The TRON blockchain works on top of the TRON virtual machine, which is analogous to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

A Concise History of Tron Foundation (TRX)

Tron (TRX) foundation is an organization which is based in Singapore and they work towards honest and cryptocurrency network that claims a throughput of over 2,000 transactions per seconds and aims to be fast, responsive and scalable.

The Tron Foundation has been approved by the Singapore Registrar of Companies (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority under the Ministry of Finance).

And the young leader of the company is a Chinese named Justin Sun, who have remarkable records and inventions.

He is as well the inventor of Peiwo application ( a streaming app that accepts cryptocurrency payment), which is recorded to have over 10 Million users.

In June, Justin Sun placed the highest bid on eBay for a charity lunch meeting with billionaire and Bitcoin critic, Warren Buffet.

The lunch finally happened in January of 2020. In October, nearly 12% of Tether’s (USDT) USD stable coin supply was transferred from Ethereum to the Tron network

Forbes listed Justin Sun on Asia’s 30 Under 30 Top Business Leaders list.

Justin Sun Career and Earlier Life

Place of BirthQinghai Province, China
Place of ResidenceSingapore
Alma materPeking University, University of Pennsylvania
Known forFounding Tron blockchain network, acquiring and tokenizing BitTorrent

Justin Sun is the young leader of the Tron Foundation, and the brain behind Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency.

Justin Sun is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Investing in tron trx
Justin Sun & Jack Ma

Moreover, Justin Sun is a protégé of Jack Ma of Alibaba Group and other top Elites such as Feng Lee ( an advisor at ripple) and Tim Berners Lee ( founder of the internet).

Meanwhile, Justin sun was a former chief representative and adviser at Ripple.

This is to show that he has been long in the cryptocurrency network and he has much knowledge of the business as a whole.

Is Tron A Scam?

Though they have been a lot of controversy on the Tron Foundation.

This started in 2018 when tron foundation is accused of plagiarizing other protocols white paper to invent theirs.

And most of the advertising strategy Justin Sun used as at then was later termed A false advertising more like biting more than he can chew.

To top it off Tron Network proves to be legitimate and strong.

Tron is a real business and now among the hottest cryptocurrency in the market today.

Is Investing in Tron (TRX) Profitable?

Wondering if investing in Tron will be profitable or not admits the current price and news about tron? Let dig it.

Investing in tron is going to be highly profitable because the business model is the opposite of how traditional Facebook and other social media network works.

Tron monetizes users’ information whereas other platforms usually pursue their own selfish interests without taking users into account.

With that said even content creators will be able to benefit from tron by receiving substantial compensation when their content is shared with others.

Top Companies partnering with Tron

Tron is continuously on the lookout of profitable partnerships and opportunities from companies.

Here is an overview of companies partnering with Tron.

  • Obike
  • Bitmain
  • Alibaba
  • Zag – S & W
  • BitTorrent
  • Poloniex

Those partnerships create an avenue for tron to expand its market and thus expand its influence in the technological crypto space significantly

How to Invest In tron and make a serious profit.

As an investor knowing when to invest in tron, and how to invest in tron in this early peak will make you serious profit.

Tron is just like every other cryptocurrency and investing in it will solely on the pricing analysis.

Tron TRX Price Analysis

Today price$ 0.018199
Market cap$1,213,530,989
Daily Trading volume$653,822,162

If you are a dubious investor you will be waiting for tron price to move up to somewhat significant.

But then, If you buy a 1000TRX now that will amount to 1000 X $0.018 = $18 (not up to a fee for a coffee).

And then when tron is worth 1$ per tron you will be $1000 richer.

Are you aware that when Tron was created during its ICO phase the price for 1 Tron was $0.002

And when it was first released in December 2017 the price for one Tron was $0.05.

The highest price Tron has ever risen to is $0.30 and that was early January 2018.

So imagine if you had invested as at when it was $0.05 you would have made a serious profit.

The future of Tron is a promising one with the rise of digital currencies and how vast the Tron network is competitively competing with other cryptocurrencies such as stellar, Ripple, and Etheruem.

Smart Contracts

Another way to invest in Tron is through smart contracts. Tron powers up smart-contract projects and can be used to set up a P2P platform.

And currently, there are tons of smart contracts working on Tron blockchain such as.

  • Bank of Tron
  • Power of 2
  • Forsagetron and others not mentioned.


You may have missed investing in Ethereum due to a lack of knowledge of how it works or thereabouts. But then, don’t let ignorance prevent you from investing in Tron.

The worst form of ignorance is rejecting what you have no knowledge about. Investing is the only way to get wealthy, learn it, and do it.

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