After 6 Years – Oral-B Lunches an iO Automated Toothbrush


The first of smart automated tooth brush series hits the markets sometimes 7 years ago, but a lot of flaws worth correction and improvement were necessary. This new iO Automated Toothbrush is really flashy, pretty expensive and worth having.

About The Oral-B Automated Toothbrush

Gladly, Oral-B has been in the electric toothbrush market since the early 1960s, back when power brushes were a novelty. But the new series brought some great tech advancements as a revamped package. Just a few of the packages were:

  • Two-minute timers
  • Pressure sensors
  • A Bluetooth-connected app

The Procter and Gamble brand went back to the drawing board when developing its newest line of smart brushes, the iO.

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Oral-B created a pint-size linear magnetic motor, which generates power as a magnetic axis moves from side to side between two poles.

Furthermore, they added counterweight and some springs even out the motion for less vibration compared to a brush with a traditional geared or sonic motor.

The iO Series 8 Oral-B Features  

This powerful toothbrush comes with awesome features and below is a list.

  • A powerful new motor and upgraded features make the new iO Series 8 Oral-B’s most effective smart toothbrush yet.
  • Linear magnetic drive for smoother and more efficient brushing.
  • Has six cleaning modes, including whitening and gum care.
  • Uses Bluetooth and AI to show real-time position detection and track progress in the Oral-B app
  • Price: $249.99

Practically speaking, the iO felt less overwhelming than other electric brushes, though it’s still louder in most of its six modes than those with sonic motors. 

However, it’s not just an improvement on user-experience, it is actually more effective at translating power directly to the tooth.

Beauty of The iO Oral-B Toothbrush 

It has a redesigned pressure sensor, which now alerts you when you’re brushing too softly and not just when you’re brushing too hard. This has been helpful for finding the right pressure to apply to your teeth.

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It also comes with an iO syncs via Bluetooth to your phone, unlocking a surprising amount of information within the Oral-B app. 

It shows your average brushing score (calculated from the coverage, pressure, and length of your cleanings); invites you on “journeys” to develop better brushing habits; and lets you track how often you’re flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and cleaning your tongue. 

But the app’s main draw is to display real-time position detection so you don’t neglect any areas while brushing.

Progressively, this new age development will come in handy.


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