Is 4GB RAM enough for smartphones 2020

One of the specs that buyers often consider before buying new smartphones is the RAM capacity. RAM, which is the abbreviation for Random Access Memory, is one of the hardware that contribute a lot to the functionality of our mobile device. It is the component that manages the overall multitasking ability, and is also one of the element that determines the speed and responsiveness of our smartphones.

The RAM has existed far longer before mobile phone came into existence, but today, it is one of the major component that is attributed to the “smartness” of our smartphones. 4GB RAM sounds much for a mobile phone to have some years back, but today we have phones that are boasting of as much as 16GB of RAM. In 2013, 1GB RAM seemed too much, but today things have changed for the better.

Today’s smartphones have up to 16GB of RAM, but for someone who wants to start from somewhere in the beginning or middle, the question remains, is 4GB RAM enough in 2021? The answer is: it depends. Price is the main determinant for most people that are shopping for new smartphones and most are not willing to break their neck in buying something that does not worth it at all, or that add little to no value to the overall experience. 8GB RAM seems to be the current standard, but they are costlier.

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Basically, 4GB RAM is much more than enough to handle the “usual” “normal” thing we do with our smartphones. Texting, calling, social networking, browsing, video chatting, taking pictures, editing pictures, and many other things can be done on a 4GB RAM smartphone smoothly without hiccups. 4GB RAM is sufficient for “decent” multitasking and is more than enough to play most games, but there are few instances where it may not be enough.

Some games such as PUBG Mobile may stutter or lag on a 4GB RAM smartphone depending on the amount of RAM available to the user. Also, video editing is one of the things you may have difficulty in doing on your smartphone if it has 4GB of RAM. Remember, system apps and background apps will take their share of the memory before the remaining is left for the user. In reality, what usually remains is less than 2GB RAM after system apps and background apps take their share.

Also, it is worth noting that the RAM is but one of the specs that determine how fast, responsive, and snappy your smartphone is. Other factors such as the type of processor and GPU used also affects the overall performance of the phone. Furthermore, how optimized the operating system of the smartphone is also affect how it manages the RAM allocation and its efficiency; this is where iOS (iPhones) exceed better than Android. iOS manage the Random Access Memory more efficiently than Android.

So, if you are buying an Android you are more limited compared to iPhone when it comes to RAM efficiency. If your aim is to do the “normal” stuffs with your smartphone, 4GB RAM is enough. For advanced users, 4GB RAM may not be enough – 6GB/8GB RAM will be the sweet spot.

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