Italy Faces Another Spike In Corona Virus Cases Over The Weekend


With a rise in the case of Corona Virus over the weekend in Italy, a potential cause has being spotted. The rise was blame on large gatherings caused by holidays and nightlife. Additionally, you must know that lately, Italy has eased it Lockdown and travels is normalized on a micro level.

Since three months ago, Coronavirus cases in Italy have passed 1,000 in a day for the first time again. Italy’s Health Ministry said on Saturday it had recorded 1,071 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, the first time the total has passed 1,000 since 12 May and up from 947 on Friday.

Due to large gathering because of the holidays and night life, it’s believe that the infections were found in travellers who were tested as they disembarked from aeroplanes or ferries.

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Throwback May 12 when 1,402 cases were reported, that was the highest until yesterday. Six days after May 12, restaurants, bars and shops were allowed to reopen following a 10-week lockdown.

But lately, the steady rise in cases has not caused a spike in deaths, which are often in single figures. Three people died after being diagnosed with the illness on Saturday, while nine passed away on Friday and six the day before. 

What will Sunday look like? Hoping for the best anyways. Italy, one of the worst-hit countries in Europe, has suffered more than 35,000 deaths during the pandemic from more than 258,000 cases.

But a strict lockdown imposed in March has managed to contain the outbreak and the number of new infections is still considerably lower than those of France and Spain.

The worst-affected area on Saturday was Lazio, the south central region including Rome, where 215 new cases were registered. Of these, around 60% were people returning from holidays in other parts of Italy and abroad, the region’s health chief said.

Nearly half (45%) were from people returning from Sardinia, where several clusters have been linked to nightclubs or private parties in the Emerald Coast resort area, officials said.

The northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto, where Italy’s epidemic emerged in February, saw 185 and 160 new cases respectively. Italy has taken counter measures to try to stem the recent rise, shutting down clubs and discos and making it compulsory to wear a mask at night in outdoor public spaces.

Travellers from several non-EU countries have been banned from entering Italy, with restrictions and testing obligations imposed on people returning from hard-hit European countries.

We certainly pray things normalize as fast as possible.

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