Ladies Here Are Things You Should Never Do For A Man


The fact you are in a relationship does not mean you must give yourself dissatisfaction just to satisfy your man. As a lady, it is good to sometimes put yourself first before any other person, including the person you are romantically involved with.
If you hear the kind of things ladies do for the person they love, it is sure you make your mouth open wide. Sometimes, in the process of giving him happiness, they lose themselves. The fact you do these things because of love doesn’t mean they are the right things to do to keep that relationship.

Here are some things you should never do for a man as a lady;

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1. Stopping your dreams for him is a No-No
If you are in a relationship and your man asks you to choose between him and your career, always choose your dream. He should not put you in a situation to choose from. If say you are married to this person, you can both sit down and talk and come up with a compromise. Don’t allow the tentacles of love to steal your focus and aspiration. It is your dream, don’t change that for anything. Be with someone that will rather cheer you on and give words of encouragement than with someone that will cause you heartache.

2. If you don’t want to, don’t give in to what he demands from you.
If you are very uncomfortable with certain things he demands from you, you are under no obligation to do it just to prove your love for him. As our skin color is different, so are people with different preferences, ideas, experiences, and many more.

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3. Do not change your appearance
Don’t change the way you look for your man just because of what he claims he prefers. They should love you for you, and all of you. If he met you a size 16, or he met you while you had a low cut, or he met you dark-skinned and he tells you to change, please take that as a sign that he is with you for the wrong reasons alone. You should only change your physical appearance because of YOU and not for the admiration of someone else.

4. Giving him too much power
Giving him power over your will give you low self-esteem and make you question your self-worth. As a strong woman, you should play by your rules, make your own decisions, and see them through without seeking validation from some other person. You’re grown enough to know what’s best for you.

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