Latest News on Npower Permanency In Nigeria –Everything You Need To Know About Npower Permanency Bill


Npower Programme Permanency In Nigeria –Everything You Need To Know..Latest News on Npower Permanency In Nigeria –Everything You Need To Know About Npower Permanency Bill

Npower News on Permanency 2020 Bill Update for all Beneficiaries.

Npower News on Permanency: Are you a beneficiary of Npower? Are you aware of the Npower permanency?

It has to do with working with many federal and state agencies to ensure that beneficiaries are permanently employed.

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Read through this article carefully, you will be enlightened about the Npower News on Permanency 2020 Bill Update for all Beneficiaries.

Npower is a government-developed initiative intended to minimize the incidence of youth employment in Nigeria. In view of the latter, Npower provides a basis for Nigerian youths to acquire and/or develop requisite work skills. The implementation of Npower’s core objectives is aimed at strengthening the larger economy and filling the loopholes in public services.

As a juvenile-focused scheme, Npower comes with modular programmes that provide the required premise for participants to acquire and develop marketable skills. Contextually, such marketable skills are work-related capabilities that will prepare Npower beneficiaries for employment security or job creation.

Npower has been designed to considerably recruit both graduates and non-graduates. The N-Power Volunteer Corp, which is one of Npower’s notable programmes, substantially deploys 500, 000 trained graduates. Precisely, such graduates will be required to fill the myriad vacant positions in key public services including civic education, health and education.

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An Overview of Npower Permanency

As an idea borne out of Npower, Npower Permanency implies the provision of permanent job positions (in governmental establishments) to Npower beneficiaries. By and large, Npower Permanency will either offer Npower beneficiaries permanent jobs or equip them with the necessary assistance for establishing their own businesses. While Npower is intended to translate its vision of employability and self-reliance among Nigerian youths into reality, Npower Permanency will likely incorporate permanence into these employability and self-reliance.

You’ll likely have a good deal of interest in Npower Permanency if you are among Npower Batch A and Batch B beneficiaries. Therefore, it should delight you that through the idea of Npower Permanency, Npower will be in partnership with several agencies (at both federal and state levels). Precisely, this partnership will be geared towards equipping Npower beneficiaries with permanent jobs.

By way of Npower Permanency, beneficiaries of the popular Npower scheme will be placed on permanent jobs and will experience a “working environment” for such jobs.

It may be recalled that in 2019, an official announcement by Npower indicated the transition of the programme’s beneficiaries. Notably, the transition would involve the transfer of beneficiaries (from basic Npower job positions) to where they would serve as community police, teachers and so on. Therefore in 2020, Npower was transferred to another ministry not only as a follow-up on that official announcement but also to facilitate the implementation of N-power Nigeria Permanency 2020.

Sadly however, Npower’s transition to a new ministry took a bad toll on Npower beneficiaries, thereby preventing them from receiving stipends over a two-month period.

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Latest Npower Permanency News

Reports claim that there were strong indications of anxiety among Batch A and Batch B Npower beneficiaries over government’s non-payment of their stipends. In reaction to this, Nigeria’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq, confirmed that President Buhari had approved the payment and that exited Npower Batch and Batch B beneficiaries had received their outstanding stipends.

Speaking on Npower Permanency, Hajiya Sadiya noted that there were plans by private organizations and the government to place exited and eligible Npower beneficiaries into permanent job positions.


We hope that you have found this article helpful for your information need on Npower Permanency. However if you have a question regarding Npower Permanency, you may submit the question in the comment section below.

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