LG Announces New Range of SoundBars and LOUDR Speakers at CES



This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in LasVegas, LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing an expanded lineup of audio products to appeal to a wide range of consumers from avid audiophiles to casual listeners who prioritize portability and versatility. LG’s newest audio devices implement emerging technologies to maximize synergy with LG’s premium TVs and to broaden the possibilities of where consumers can take their favorite music.

LG SJ9 Soundbar

LG’s new SJ9 sound bar harnesses the power of Dolby Atmos® technology, to recreate the ultimate cinema audio experience while its sleek design adds an instant aesthetic accent to any home. In order to create such powerful, textured sound, the SJ9 is equipped with multiple cutting-edge speakers – including two powerful up firing speakers – to envelop the listener from every angle. Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio that can be precisely placed anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead, to create realistic and breathtaking sound for a more immersive and emotive experience.

Sounds are represented as independent objects by employing sophisticated metadata to describe the location and size of individual audio objects in the 3-dimensional listening space. These audio objects are rendered in real-time such that each sound comes from its designated location, even directly overheard the listener.The LG SJ9 is also equipped with 4K Sound1, (Hi Resolution Audio) compatible with high quality lossless audio files to recreate the sound recorded in the original studio. In addition, the SJ9’s Sound Upconverting feature increases the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track.

The SJ9 supports 4K Pass-Through to deliver pristine sound without compromising image quality, ensuring a perfectly synchronized audio and video experience.

LG is also unveiling its elegant SJ8 sound bar which delivers robust audio performance in a slim and efficient 38mm profile. The advanced sound bar integrates seamlessly with LG’s new range of 2017 TV models. With TV Perfect Fit Kit, owners can integrate the SJ8 with certain LG TV sets by replacing the original standwith the SJ8 sound bar. The SJ8 is equipped with many of the same stunning features as the SJ9, including 4K Sound, 4K Pass-Through and the ability to stream content using Chromecast built-in.

LG SJ7 Soundbar

Finally, the LG SJ7 is an incredibly versatile and powerful 320W sound bar that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the audio experience the listener desires, due to its split bar design. The two halves of the SJ7 connect wirelessly together providing outstanding stereo sound. One of the halves has a built-in battery allowing it, at the flip of a switch, to be used as a rear speaker delivering a more robust surround sound experience. Flip another switch to portable mode and use it as a wireless Bluetooth speaker anytime, anywhere.

LG LOUDR CJ98 and OJ98

Powerful LOUDR Speakers for FunDesigned with party-goers and music makers in mind, LG’s LOUDR sound systems each pack powerful audio capabilities to create the perfect party atmosphere.The LOUDR CJ98 is capable of generating 3,500W of powerful sound, instantly creating a lively club-like atmosphere. The CJ98’s PartyThruster allows the DJ to slide a throttle forward to control the build-up of a dance track in order to perfectly time the bass drop and lighting effects.The CJ98 is also equipped with an array of unique controls, looping buttons and sharing features. Karaoke fans will be pleased with the CJ98’s diverse range of vocal effects and the Karaoke Star feature, which suppresses the vocals from songs and allows singers to change the audio track’s key.

The LOUDR OJ98 is another stylish all-in-one speaker system designed to boost the party atmosphere, using a folded horn design hidden inside its chassis to efficiently produce acoustic pressure. The OJ98’s Sparkle Lighting pulses and reflects light in rhythm to the music. To add excitement to any party, the OJ98 is equipped with the Party Kick Starter feature which simulates the sound of a revving race car engine. Designed specifically for DJs, the OJ98’s 109cm height is optimized to put Party Thruster and other controls within perfect reach.

During CES, LG is also unveiling the portable party audio system model FJ7, designed to maximize portability and 400W high output sound without distortion. Since mobility is a priority, the FJ7 comes with convenient handles and wheels to make it convenient to take the music wherever the event may be.

Sourced from: LG Newsroom


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