Lionshare is a newly launched smart contract platform based on Ethereum blockchain. While several people are willing to learn about Lionshare, it’s fascinating that the newly launched platform maintains a risk-free and completely decentralized peer-to-peer system.

If you’re well conversant with the popular Forsage smart contract platform, you’ll quickly grasp what Lionshare is all about.

Quite interestingly, one of the beautiful sides to Lionshare is that you can make money on the platform without having referrals. Also, more than good news to conscientious investors is the fact that Lionshare is a self-regulating platform, making it difficult for hackers to compromise the smart contract system.

As you read this post further, you’re certain to learn how Lionshare works and find out the easy steps for registering with the smart contract platform.

Is Lionshare Legit?

This is likely one of the questions that pester people just getting to learn about Lionshare. For the fact that Lionshare is a smart contract platform adopting Ethereum (the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin), you should at least rest assured that Lionshare will be suitable for safe crypto transactions.

To clear any doubt you could have regarding Lionshare’s legit status, below are the top 6 statements implying that Lionshare isn’t a scam:

  1. Lionshare maintains 100% decentralization, meaning no specific admin (or authority individual) is capable of controlling the platform
  2. Lionshare operates on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain
  3. Lionshare is run as a full open-source smart contract platform
  4. At various levels, commissions earned on Lionshare are directly and instantly paid by smart contract into members’ Ethereum wallets
  5. Lionshare does not in any way resemble, simulate or operate like MMM or similar scams
  6. The platform maintains prompt and direct peer-to-peer payment into members’ wallets

How to Earn on Lionshare Smart Contract Platform

Lionshare offers two earning segments namely L1 and L2. Notably, there are 16 ways of earning under each of L1 and L2. As a registered Lionshare member, you can opt to earn with both L1 and L2 at once, meaning you’ll be earning in 32 ways. Meanwhile, this comes at a very pocket-friendly cost as you need just 0.045 ETH to get started.

It’s noteworthy that Lionshare adopts an automatic reopen feature for you to continually earn commissions the more you generate referrals. Quite interestingly, you’ll be making only one-time payment and still stand the chance to earn continuously.

How L1 works?

Well, L1 serves as the repository for all the personal referrals you have on Lionshare. In L1, you’re entitled to all your initial two sales, meaning you’ll get 100% of these sales. However for your third sale, it’s your upline that will be entitled to it, hence helping to reopen your matrix.

You’ll stand the chance to generate more income with L1 as you sponsor people who thereupon follow you. Meanwhile, all of the people you refer to Lionshare will follow you unlike on Forsage smart contract where #3, #4 and #5 tend to separate from you at a particular point and instead follow your matrix’s #1 and #2.

Most importantly, earning with L1 necessitates possession of the package that produces the commissions. Your failure to possess this package will cause your upline (or the nearest possessor of the package) to receive the commission instead of you.

How does the L2 package work?

The L2 package of Lionshare introduces you to teamwork via Lionshare’s dynamic follow-me matrix. By this teamwork, you’ll enjoy the freedom of partnering with people.

Notably in L2, your upline is entitled to the initial two sales (in your matrix) but for the subsequent third, fourth and fifth sales, you’re entitled to 100% which you’ll get instantaneously. Just like your initial two sales, your 6th sale will be passed to your upline, paving the way for your matrix to reopen and making you earn continuously.

How are commissions paid out on Lionshare?

Lionshare claims it doesn’t maintain any right over the payment of commissions. Still, Lionshare members are guaranteed instant and direct payment of commissions. As a Lionshare member, the payment for the commissions you earned will be promptly made into your Ethereum wallet, meaning you don’t have to worry over delayed payments.

Lionshare gives room for peer-to-peer payment and the advantage of this is that members do not have to worry about unknowingly revealing sensitive data (such as wallet address and personal information) to attackers. In other words, there’s optimum safety for your sensitive data since Lionshare isn’t able to store your personal details.

Lionshare Registration Process

Lionshare registration process isn’t any hard to attempt but you’re expected to have an Ethereum wallet before you can get started with the registration. If you’re yet to set up an Ethereum wallet for yourself, you should download Trust Wallet from Google Play. Then, endeavour to perform the necessary wallet setup so that you can successfully register on Lionshare.

Below are the instructions for registering on Lionshare:

  • Launch the Trust Wallet app you downloaded from Google Play
  • Fund the wallet with 0.08 ETH
  • Explore the Dapps section of your Trust Wallet app
  • Then, copy the link
  • Enter the search widget of your Trustwallet app and paste the copied link in it
  • Doing the above will cause Lionshare’s registration page to appear
  • Select the Join Now button on the page
  • On the emerging payment page, select Purchase
  • You’ll be taken back to your dashboard once the purchase is successful

Top 5 Interesting Benefits of Using Lionshare

  1. You need just a one-time startup payment of 0.045 ETH (equivalently #5000 or $10) to be on Lionshare and stand the chance to earn forever
  2. Lionshare guarantees optimum safety for your funds. The platform isn’t vulnerable to hacking
  3. Lionshare members are allowed to withdraw funds into their local bank accounts
  4. There are no limitations on fund withdrawal neither are there stipulated withdrawal days. In other words, you can withdraw any amount and on any day
  5. Lionshare’s payments are made directly and automatically into members’ wallets. This means you don’t have to make any withdrawal request before funds appear in your wallet


We hope this review has availed you adequate knowledge of how Lionshare works. If you’re keen to register with an Ethereum-based smart contract platform that guarantees100% safety, you shouldn’t shy away from Lionshare.

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