Make Your Social Media Experience Productive With These Tips


Social media is a platform for development, and everyone just loves to be there. It is like a world of its own, and many celebrities storm your feed with top-rated photos each day or week. You really like it when you have followers, right? Also, you always tell people to follow you back. You even monitor your follow-backs.

Here are 5 ways you gain from using Social Media:

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1. Follow accounts relevant to you
You may be into interior decoration, architecture, or beauty products. What you really need is to follow business pages related to your interests. Also, many businesses organize events and opportunities for people who need their training and services.

2. Advertise your business or services

If you need new clients for your business, go to the top-rated business pages, and see comments. Follow those people and let them know that you render a particular service or sell that product. For people who already follow you, update extremely beautiful pictures of your services so they can be convinced that what you do is worth the attention.

3. Engage users by posting interesting topics
You never know, you could get famous this way. Post interesting topics on your page and engage people. It could be anything at all. The only thing is, you would need graphics and clear pictures. From there, you could have your personal blog after discovering a suitable niche for your account.

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4. Search for possible job opportunities
You would surely get new opportunities from social media pages. Remember that almost everyone in this world uses social media. So that means you will certainly get something that relates to your expertise. Moreover, if there are services you can partially offer, you would certainly be willing to ‘give it a try’. For instance, if you were a loud-mouthed or social person back in school, but didn’t see any interest in acting, you could give it a try when you see audition notices. The same applies to every other career sector.

5. Buy Products
There are many sellers of products on several social media platforms. Some of them include the prices on their captions; others simply tell you to send a private message. You can choose any product you would like to buy. Instead of having to walk under the sun on a stressful day looking for a new dress, just head to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, or Snapchat to order a dress that will be delivered to you.


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