Top 50 Masters Scholarships for Students in Nigeria,South Africa, USA,UK and World| Guidelines and Everything about Msc Scholarships

Top Scholarships in South African Universities For Foreign Students

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Masters Scholarships for Students in Nigeria,South Africa, USA,UK and World| Guidelines and Everything about Msc Scholarships

Master’s scholarships, just like the ones at other academic levels, open a window of opportunities for graduates willing to pursue degrees in postgraduate programmes. Essentially, such opportunities could come as fee waivers or other sorts of academic funding sponsored by charity groups and government bodies.

Without the exception of Master’s scholarships, most academic support schemes (often touted as scholarships) spell out conditions that applicants must meet before their applications can prove successful. In the light of this, we’ve carefully conducted our findings about Master’s scholarships and so, below are the top Master’s scholarship for Students in Nigeria,South Africa, USA,UK and World| Guidelines and Everything about Msc Scholarships.

Masters Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Nigeria both locally and internationally for all students.

Graduate students in Nigeria who are seeking scholarship for Masters degree have numerous opportunities available for them both locally and internationally. Scholarship for Master’s degree in Nigeria and abroad are funded by Governmental bodies, NGOs, private organizations, etc. The scholarship schemes are meant to support various qualified and suitable graduates who want to obtain Master’s degree.

They are fully or partly funded by organizations with numerous criteria outlined for qualified candidates to adhere to strictly. This scholarship covers several things such as tuition fee, accommodation, and other living expenses.

There are certain scholarship that requires students to fulfill some obligation to enable participation. Some of these obligations might be the candidate’s involvement in some research works, projects, seminars, or conferences for a particular organization or Institution at the end of your study year.

There are also Scholarships that call for renewal which can be on a yearly basis. It is advisable to make thorough research when making a choice of the scholarship grant. Some scholarships consider an individual based on academic excellence or outdoor activities, and these scholarships are merit-based with commitments and work-experiences.

Scholarships are also awarded to various individuals on their abilities and talents such as artistic-abilities, musical prowess, athleticism, or ability to entertain people through performing acts.


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Advantages of Scholarship to Students

Scholarship is a means of granting financial aid to students, and it doesn’t require one to make repayment as they are rendered based on merit for a recognized achievement, and these are the benefits:

1. Monetary Aid

There are cases of students or graduates with debt, and this makes it hard for them to settle their tuition fee. As a result of this, some students have to reduce the hours they have with their school work or education to carry-out per-time jobs to enable them to afford their educational expenses and cost of living. Along the way, some of these students end up dropping out of school due to the inability to further as a student of various disciplines and degrees.

The monetary aid is beneficial to graduates and students with intentions of pursuing their goals to a higher level, Scholarship provides them a more direct and focused vision on their chosen career without fear of repaying student loans or tuition fees. For Master’s degree students, it terminates financial barriers and gives access to furthering education and also creating an easier life.

2. Academic Assistance

This reduces monetary concerns in obtaining the desired degree. Academic assistance is a great way of increasing and promoting higher chances of furthering ones education or postgraduate programs. An Individual on scholarship obtaining assistance as regarding his or her academics will have more time to learn and study for them to obtain good grades.

3. Increased Employability

An Individual who must have obtained scholarship is liable to become more employable when in contact or faced with job opportunities. This is because some employers know how competitive it is to be awarded scholarship, and it is a an achievement for the individual which further shows his or her capabilities.

Scholarship can make an individual exceptional when job searching, and also offer that desired career you have always envisioned.

 4. Individual Benefit

The scholarship provides and gives an upper hand to you personally. It allows you have control or take charge of your activities, and this means you are able to schedule most of your activities at your convenience. For a person who is smart and intelligent can use it effectively and gain an edge over others by acquiring the needed skills or value that will ensure their goals and aspirations.

Disadvantages of Scholarship to Students

Although various scholarship schemes have indeed proven to work out and also rendered assistance to suitable candidates.

For everything that has a positive effect must in a way has a negative effect. In the same vein, scholarships have its own disadvantages too, and here they are:

1. Minimal Number of seats

The Scholarship scheme is faced with the problem of restrictions in terms of seat numbers. This means that very few students benefit from this scholarship scheme, while others are left alone and unable to further their higher education due to lack of funds or monetary assistance. This implies that not every student gets the opportunity of being sponsored because of this limitation.

2.Partiality/Unfair Judgement

This is another problem student encounter as a result of obtaining scholarship. There are some case that partial treatments or unfair judgment which benefits one over another. For instance, two students might be having equal scores in the same course, and a particular student could be favored over the other student. As a result of this, the other student might feel bad for not being awarded scholarship.

3.Ignorance and lack of appreciation

There are some students with an ignorant attitude towards the scholarship programme. It is known that there are times when people take free things for granted, and this implies that it is not fully appreciated. There can be a tendency of the student showing signs of ignorance and giving less attention to studies and learning.

Applying for a Master’s scholarship isn’t something you should handle haphazardly so that you don’t end up with disappointment. Admittedly, one of the ingredients for successful scholarship applications at the Master’s level is proper planning.

Planning, on one hand, helps you determine the number of scholarships you should apply for as well as the other things you should put in place for a successful application. One the other hand, planning requires you to set aside ample time for all that you will require in the process of your application.

Here is a comprehensive list of TOP 10 MASTERS SCHOLARSHIPS IN NIGERIA FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS IN 2020/2021, Kindly check it out you wont be disappointed.

1.Submitting a Befitting Application Is Essential

Your application for a Master’s degree scholarship will tell a lot about your capabilities to the sponsor(s). Therefore, you should make every required effort to incorporate in your application, those reasons why you deserve the Master’s scholarship you’re applying for.

Observably, some Master’s scholarships are intended to encourage people’s participation in postgraduate studies while several others aim to sponsor efforts in a particular academic field. In the light of this, you have to familiarize yourself with the goals, aims or objectives of any Master’s scholarship you’re applying for.

2.Being Conversant with the Criteria for Your Chosen Scholarship

There are usually criteria for any scholarships you’re applying for at various academic levels. So, the Master’s level is no exception as sponsors of postgraduate scholarships do specify the conditions for eligibility. You should find out whether your chosen Master’s scholarship is exclusively for nationals of a particular country, foreign students from less-privileged countries, graduates of a specific university or students from a particular region.

Having full knowledge of eligibility details can save you the stress of applying for a scholarship which you don’t fit into.

3.Knowing What Your Application Is Expected to Contain

There are certain essential details the sponsor(s) of a particular scholarship expect to see in applications. If your application lacks any of such details, it could mean that you’re jeopardizing your chances of being selected. Scholarships at Master’s level may require your application to contain crucial details such as a personal statement (this should clearly state the reason(s) why you’re deserving of the funding), details of your desired Master’s course and evidence of funding requirements (depending on whether the scholarship sponsors prefer selecting applicants with other funding at their disposal).

4.Finding out What the Scholarship Truly Funds

You should always be ready to know the nitty-gritty of any Master’s scholarship you’re applying for. This is because some scholarships only help you waiver your academic fees while others help bear some part of your living costs. If your chosen scholarship only funds your academic fees, you may want to integrate a Master’s degree loan or certain other funding schemes with your postgraduate education.

Of course, having detailed knowledge of what your desired scholarship takes care of can save your face from financial difficulty in the course of your postgraduate education.

Top 20 Masters Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Nigeria

A comprehensive list that provides the necessary information on the Top 20 Masters Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Nigeria both locally and internationally is presented in this article.

1. AGIP Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is for Nigerian students with a desire to further and obtain a Master’s degree in Nigeria or abroad. The scholarship covers tuition fees, books, accommodation, trip expenses for the one-year course of study. It is compulsory that applicants fulfill all the necessary requirements.

2. Chevening Scholarship

The Scholarship is in association with the United Kingdom Government. Chevening scholarship is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to support students in UK universities. It is for a period of one year, and it covers the duration for a Master’s degree.

3. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

This organization grants Scholarships to eligible applicants to study for their Master’s program in any institution of their choice. There are also requirements that each candidate must provide and fulfill to ensure a successful application. If you are able to obtain those criteria, then, you will be considered eligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply?

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are aimed at talented individuals who have the potential to make change. The CSC offers around 750 awards for postgraduate study and professional development each year.

Information for applicants

Information for UK universities

4. Federal Government Scholarship Board

The Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria offers a Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) scholarship to be awarded to qualified students in Nigeria to further their education for their Master’s level. Therefore, graduate students don’t have to bother about their tuition fee.

To Apply for Federal Government board scholarship, click here

5. FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship

The Scholarship is open to Females from all countries including Nigeria to enroll in a post-graduate program at an accredited university. It is meant to encourage women in the field of Finance. There is no age limitation as women of adult age-grade can apply as long as they are qualified and suitable candidates with the interest in pursuing their education to master’s level.

To Apply  for FINCAD kindly click here

6.Griffith Postgraduate Scholarship

The Scholarship covers 50% tuition fees which will be subtracted from the postgraduate fees for the duration of the program. The country of study is Australia and the name of the school is Griffith University. It is not gender-specific and there are requirements that applicants need to fulfill as well as the application deadline.

To Apply, kindly click here

7. Japanese Government Scholarship

The Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education bids on students to apply for scholarships to study courses under Social Sciences, Humanities, economics and business administration, Natural Sciences in Japan.

It covers the students’ monthly allowance, tuition fee, flight ticket, and other expenses. It is opened for application to individuals who want to pursue their academic career to master’s level.

To Apply kindly click here

8.Leventis Foundation/Alba Graduate Business School

The organization provides a program for interested individuals in Nigeria to study in Greece for a Master’s degree. They offers two scholarship opportunities, one is fully-funded and the other is partly funded covering tuition fees and accommodation fees. There are also criteria to meet up by applicants, if they want to be eligible for the scholarship.

To Apply kindly click here now

9.National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

This agency provides scholarship for candidates that are qualified to obtain a Master’s degree in a Nigerian University.The agency follows a directive of changing the country to an IT-driven nation, the scholarship is also aimed at advancing and encouraging Information and Technology.

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has as its mandate to develop and regulate the Information Technology in Nigeria. Developing and regulating IT will support in transforming Nigeria into an IT driven economy for global competitiveness and the dire need of digital literacy.

The Agency has since 2010 established a scholarship scheme for Masters and Doctoral degree in relevant areas of Information Technology (IT) and ICT Law obtainable in Nigerian (Government and Private) Universities.

Minimum requirements:

PhD: Only University and Polytechnic Lecturers with MSc in any Information Technology related field are eligible to apply for sponsorship.
MSc: Holders of First Class or Second Class (Upper) Honours Bachelor’s degree, in Information Technology related field and Law

To Apply kindly click here

10.NDDC Foreign Post Graduate Scholarship

The Scholarship is meant to provide funds for academic staffs to gain access to the postgraduate training for a master’s degree in Nigeria or abroad. Several Nigerian students have benefited from this NDDC foreign post graduate scholarships.

To Apply kindly click here

11.NNPC/TOTAL International Master’s Degree Scholarship

The Scholarship provided by these organizations is to award suitable and qualified Nigerian students to study in France for a Masters degree. There are recommended courses to study as well as requirements to meet.

Therefore, individual research by the interested candidate should be made to have full knowledge of the scholarship.

In order to Apply for this scholarship kindly click here

12.NUTM Scholars Program 2020 for Nigerian Students

Nigerian University of Technology and Management scholarship program bids for Nigerian students to send in their applications for this scholarship grant.

The program is one year interdisciplinary postgraduate program in technology, entrepreneurship, and design which will be studied in Nigeria Universities. It is a full scholarship that is being awarded to all qualified Scholars.

To Apply for this scholarship kindly click here

13.Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDT)

This Scholarship scheme provided by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) organization bids application from qualified candidates to study overseas (abroad) for Master’s degree program under the United Kingdom planned initiatives. Any candidate with a successful application will be awarded the scholarship.

To Apply kindly click here

14.Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The University of Portsmouth UK, England, calls on Nigerian students with proper qualification to participate in the Master’s degree scholarship. It is available to full-time Master in Engineering, Geology, Geological, and Environmental Hazards, and other related disciplines. There is a twenty percent reduction in the tuition fee and a requirement for a minimum of 3.0 or 3.5 GPA (second-class lower) from all Nigerian applicants.

In order to Apply kindly click here

15. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

The Scholarship provides life-changing privilege for cultural and academic purposes in a special and unique environment around the world. It makes provision for the tuition fee and other living expenses.

The countries to study are Namibia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the scholarship is opened to both genders. There are also requirements for this scholarship.

To Apply for this scholarship kindly click here

16.Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) Scholarship

Sir Emeka Offor Foundation provides scholarships to indigenous students of Nigeria who are economically and financially unable to support themselves further their studies. The scholarship covers the school fees and other necessary fees.

To Apply for this scholarships, click here

17. University of Bath Global Leaders Scholarship for International Student

This Institution is a public university in Bath, Somerset UK. It offers a full-time Masters course. There are 45 global leaders scholarship that provides £5000 each as a fee waiver for the cost of tuition, and this is being applied to only first year of study.

There are also requirements and selection criteria candidates must fulfill for a successful application.

The University of Bath is offering The Global Leadership to students who have an offer from the University of Bath for a full-time taught master’s course starting in 2020.

Eligibility: To apply, you must hold an offer from the University of Bath for a full-time taught master’s course for entry year 2020/2021. The course must be based in the Faculty of Engineering & Design, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences or Faculty of Science. This scholarship is open to applicants of all nationalities (UK, EU and International applicants).

Selection Criteria: The Global Leaders Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and future leadership potential. Applicants should demonstrate excellent team working skills and have a strong vision for the future.

Eligible Countries: International

To Apply for this scholarship click here

18. University of Bradford Global Development Scholarship

The University of Bradford UK scholarships are meant for students in countries that have faced a crisis or have been affected by war.

The scholarship gives opportunities to suitable students who desire to obtain a Master’s degree. It covers full tuition fees, accommodation fees, and living costs which will be paid in three installments.

To Apply for this scholarship,kindly click here

19.University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Scholarship

The University of Dundee provides the Petroleum Technology Development Fund scholarship to Nigerian students who wish to undergo their Master’s program. It provides courses like Civil Engineering, Electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, Energy petroleum and mineral law and policy, Geography/Environmental science in Scotland or UK. The Scholarship also provides tuition fees and the cost of living.

To Apply for this scholarship now, click here

20. University of Sussex Masters Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The University of Sussex is glad to honor qualified applicants with scholarships to study abroad. The application is open to eligible Nigerian students who can meet up with their criteria to pursue the student’s postgraduate degree.

The scholarship worth is 3000 pounds and provides a decreased discount when registration is made at Sussex. Applicants who have first-class in a Nigerian University will be rewarded with 5000 pounds, and it is also required that applicants are citizens of Nigeria and accept a full-time Masters course.

How to apply

Register your interest in the scholarship through the postgraduate application system when you accept  offer of a place on an eligible Masters course.

If you are successful, information about the scholarship will be included in your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study) for your visa application. If the scholarship information is not showing on your CAS or you want to register for the scholarship after you get your CAS, email (Postgraduate Admissions). Contact them via email here

To Apply click here


21.Voice Talent Online Scholarship (2020-2021)

This scholarship scheme challenges students pursuing Masters, BSc or PhD degrees to engage in a writing competition. While this scholarship was initiated in 2018, it requires applicants to submit blog posts (with the count of 300-600 words) on either of the two focus areas (i) Talking the Lingo:

Why You Must Go Local for Global Success, and (ii) Robot vs. Human –Voice and Consumer Behaviour. Winners of this scholarship get a cash prize of $1000.

To Apply click here

22.Essay Writing Scholarship for Student

This scholarship is available to students enrolling into Masters’, PhD or BSc programmes. Regarded as an all-inclusive scheme, it rewards winners with a cash prize worth $2500. Sustainiability Scholarship

This is a scholarship exclusively for students at Masters’ level. The scholarship organizers claim they are committed to encouraging students whose research and job placements can positively impact on the world in future. Winners of this scholarship get a sum of 5000 euros.

To Apply kindly click here

24.Richard E. Morley Industrial Automation Scholarship

With its reward in the form of 20% decrease on winners’ entire tuition fees, this scholarship is available to students at Masters’ and BSc levels.

The conditions for eligibility, as spelt out by the organizers, are going beyond the proficiency benchmark for English language and being a beginner student of Master of Engineering (studying Industrial Automation) or BSc student (studying Industrial Automation Engineering).

To Apply kindly click here

25.IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship

This scholarship is known for receiving an estimate of 5 million applicants from over 100 countries. A fully funded scholarship, IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship encourages students at BSc, PhD and Masters’ levels to obtain IELTS certifications which should avail them more academic opportunities.

To Apply click here

26.The Katoni Scholarship –Supporting Cultural Projects

Available to students at BSc, Masters and PhD levels, the Katoni scholarship is a yearly support scheme that rewards its winners with DKK 10,000.

The scholarship is aimed at providing students with financial assistance pertaining to their internships, occupations or education in a cultural framework encompassing traditions, arts, fashion, language, communications, etc.

To Apply click here

27.$1500 Annual Essay Writing Contest Scholarship

Considered another academic opportunity for students pursuing PhD, Masters or BSc degrees, this scholarship is an annual support scheme for students with the proficiency of essay writing. Under the auspices of, this scholarship rewards only two winners with cash prizes, wherein the 1st winner and the runner-up winner get $1000 and $500 respectively.

To Apply click here

28.The Manchester Full-time MBA Scholarships

This involves a host of scholarships with cash prizes ranging from £10,000 to £44,000. Touting themselves as providers of merit-based scholarships, the organizers of this scholarship scheme render assistance to the “most talented MBA candidates”.

To apply kindly click here

29.Scholarship for the Best Candidates –Kozminski University

Regarded as a form of academic support for students pursuing BSc or Masters degrees, this scholarship helps relevant applicants of Kozminski University with 56% of their semester tuition fees. As per eligibility, applicants are expected to obtain good results from three written subjects of their choice in the matriculation exam (matura).

To Apply now, kindly click here

30. Writing Contest Scholarship

This is a scholarship offering a reward in the form of a $2000 cash prize to its winner(s) who must have excelled in its writing competition. While the scholarship is available to students pursuing PhD, Masters or BSc degrees, its goals are encouraging students to enhance their writing proficiency and stimulating them to participate in examination success.

To Apply click here

Top Scholarships in South African Universities For Foreign Students

Scholarships in South African Universities For Foreign Students

Besides being one of the best African countries for further academic studies, South Africa offers a considerable host of scholarships for foreigners to study in its prestigious universities.

While these scholarships come under several categories, many of them are duly suitable for foreigners pursuing Master’s and doctoral degrees in disciplines that reflect the core values of the sponsors. However, when applying for scholarships endevour to avoid certain scholarship scams.

SA-GER-CDR Masters & PhD Scholarships + Internships for African Students

This scholarship is a fully funded support scheme for sub-Saharan African students with brilliant academic records to study in South Africa and Germany. While CDR focuses on the advancement of research efforts that reflect the work of the centre, the scholarships under it can be enjoyed by students pursuing Master’s or doctoral degrees in the programmes specified by the sponsors.

Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for African Students

This academic support scheme offers scholarships to African students pursuing postgraduate degrees to study in South African universities. While the scheme aims to imbibe exceptional leadership in Africans, it also receives applications from students across Africa. According to the online portal of the scholarship scheme, successful applicants for Master’s programmes are fully funded for up to two years while those for Honours’ programmes enjoy one-year full academic funding.

University of Pretoria MasterCard Scholarships (Masters) for African Students

This is a scheme offering postgraduate scholarships to students from all African countries with the exception of South Africa. Under the aegis of a partnership between the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) and the University of Pretoria (UP), this scheme offers scholarships to “high-achieving” African students who are capable of transforming the African continent by virtue of their attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Absa GenA Graduate Programme for Graduate Africans

This offers postgraduate students from selected African countries the chance to undergo a one-year internship programme. Scholarships into Absa’s Gen A internship are intended to support young acquisitive minds who showcase excellent EQs and IQs. The sponsors of this scholarship encourage postgraduates to not only develop the inclination to build their careers but also grow the capabilities for improving Africa’s development. African countries eligible for this scholarship scheme are Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Seychelles, Mozambique, Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana and Botswana.

University of Pretoria Scholarships for Masters in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa

Under a partnership between 12 prestigious African universities and the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, this scheme offers scholarships to African students pursuing Master’s degrees. Importantly, the scholarships are awarded to qualified Law students and other qualified applicants with the minimum of Honours degrees in fields related to human rights and democratization.

Successful application for this scholarship demands demonstration of interest or experience in human rights studies coupled with exceptional academic credentials. Notably, a total of 25 applicants are awarded scholarships into an in-depth one-year course which equips them with both practical and theoretical understandings of human rights.

Machel-Mandela Fellowship Programme for Study in South Africa

Under the aegis of the Brenthurst Foundation, this scheme offers scholarships to eligible applicants from both Africa and other continents on a yearly basis. With the aim of nurturing Africa’s future leaders, the Brenthurst Foundation offers a full-time fellowship programme to deserving applicants described as holders of Master’s or undergraduate degrees coupled with excellent academic credentials. Essentially, the fellowship programme provides awardees with benefits including accommodation, comprehensive monthly stipends and chances of having their work-related expenses wavered.



The Scholarship provided by various organizations, institutions, and Joint venture differ in Requirements for candidates to make an application. It is advisable that thorough research is made by interested individuals to ensure they become acquainted with the requirements and have knowledge on the needed information to enable them to make an application for the scholarship of interest and to avoid errors or mistakes.

Do you have any additional scholarship not listed above? kindly drop it via the comment section below!


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