Mathematics Exam Questions And Answers For Secondary School Students (Jss1)


Mathematics Exam Questions And Answers For Secondary School Students (Jss1)

These Mathematics Exam Questions And Answers  have been compiled to serve as a reference material to aid teachers set tests and examination questions without much stress.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful  in revision and exam preparation.


Mathematics Exam Questions And Answers For Secondary School Students (Jss1)

INSTRUCTION: Answer “all questions in this section. Each question is followed by four options lettered A – D. Choose the correct option for each question and shade the correct answer corresponding to the option you have chosen in your answer sheet. Ensure you erase completely any wrong option chosen.

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  1. How many prime number are there between 1 and 35? A. 11 B. 13
    12 D. 14
  2. Simplify (2 – 1 ) x   1 B. C.  D. Find the positive difference between 101112 and 234 leaving your answer in base ten A. -15 B. 12 C. 0 D. 100
  3. What is the sum of 11012 and 111012 and 1011012  A. 10001102
    B. 10010102 C. 10101112 D. 101011112.
  4. What is the place value of 4 in 7835.04? A. Hundredths B. Hundreds C. Unit D. Tenth
    Find the H.C.F of 15, 20 and 35 A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5.
  5. Express 0.65 as a fraction A.   C.  D. Evaluate 1+  and give your answer to 1 significant figure A. 3 B. 2.5 C. 2.15 D. 12.
  6. Add together 3224 and 3234 13224 B. 12114 C. 334 D. 3214
  7. Which of the following as a multiple of 2, 3 and 5? A. 80 B. 70 C. 60  50
  8. Simplify 2y2 x 3y3 y5 B. 6y5 C. 5y D. 2y5
  9. Find the HCF of 8x2y2 and 12xy2 4xy2 B. 4x2y2 C. 4xy D. 4x2y
  10. If 10 is subtracted from four times a number and the result divided by 9, the answer is 6 find the number A. 12 B. 16 C. 20 D. 35
  11. Change 0.25 to a fraction in its lowest term A.   C.  D.
  12. The roman numeral CCXB represents A. 2210 B. 1045 C. 215 D. 83
  13. Write in figure, one million, two hundred and fifty thousand and four A. 12504 B. 1200054 C. 1250400 D. 125004
  14. Express 36 as a product of its prime factors in index form A. 23 x 33
    22 x 32 C. 23 x 5 D. 22 x 3
  15. Convert 65ten to base three A.2100three 2102 three C. 2112 three D. 1211 three
    Simplify 5 – 3   2  B. 2  C. 1 D.1
  16. Express as a percentage A. 28% B. 39.2% C. 51% D. 76%
  17. Which of these is not a quadrilateral? A. Circle B. Square C. Trapezium D. Rhombus
  18. Convert 101110two to base ten A. 46 ten 52 ten C. 87 ten D. 91 ten
  19. By selling a cup of beans for N60, a trader make a profit of 20% how much did she buy the beans A. N20 B. N 35 C. N50 D. N55
  20. Simplify 6147 + 3527 5667 B. 11137 C. 12667 D. 25317
  21. Bunme and Kemi shared N 000 in the ration of their ages. If Bunmi receives N 7500, in what ratio was the money shared? A. 2:3 B. 3:2 C. 5:3 D. 3:5
  22. What is 12.8% of 250? A. 30 B. 32 C. 34 D. 64
  23. If 25% of a number is 75, find the number A. 600 B. 5000 C. 300 D. 400
  24. Arrange in descending order of magnitude , , ,  B.  C.  D.
  25. A man spends of his salary on food and on school fees of his children. What fraction of his salary is left? A. C. D.
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1a.     Fifteen trillion, six hundred and seventy one billion, three hundred and ninety one million, eighty eight thousand, five hundred and fifty five. Write in figures

  1. The number of barrels of crude oil exported daily was given as eight million, three hundred and five thousand five hundred and ten. Write in figures.
  2. a. A rope is 225m long. If the rope is cut into 5 equal pieces. How long is each one?
  3. Solar energy striking earth in Mwh is 1, 738, 678, 645, 902. Write his number in words using place value chart.
  4. a. In a box of chalks, half are blue, quarter are white and the rest are red. What fraction is red?
  5. Simplify (2 ) – 2 1 b. Simplify  of (2 ) + 1
  6. a. There are 50 cars packed in a school compound. 16 of t he cars are white in colour and the rest are blue. Find the percentage of the cars.
  7. A man earns N2500 in a month and he spends 18 of this amount on house rent. How much does he spend on house rent?
  8. a. Find the  highest common factor of 858, 1,562 and 1, 870
  9. Convert 101101012 to base ten  and Convert 2134 to base 2

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