Meet The 21 Year Old Man Who Feeds On Grass Like An Animal


The story of a 21-year-old person who was born into the world unique and feeds on grasses like an animal has circulated around the internet, leaving numerous people in a state of misery.

He was born into the world after five of his siblings died at the same time.

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His parents at that point went to God in prayer for another kid, and God responded to them.

What is odd about the youngster is the way that he benefits from grasses simply like animals and has a propensity for living in the forest.

People menace him by referring to him as a monkey, and others attack him actually.

He runs when he sees people and doesn’t care for living among individuals from his locale.

As indicated by reports, the youngster can’t talk however hears.

Shaggy Lalit lives in Madhya Pradesh in India with his family. Notwithstanding his inborn condition, he is by all accounts a significant exuberant kid filling wonderfully in his environmental factors.

According to his mom, when she saw him thirty minutes after he was brought into the world his entire body was covered with hair. His dad said this alarmed the medical attendant and she quickly called the specialist in and asked him what wasn’t right. In any case, the specialist said they ought not to concern on the grounds that the child was fine.

At school, his companions and educator don’t treat him in an unexpected way. His instructor stated, “I have been showing Lalit since year 7, he is presently in year 8. What’s more, since birth, he’s had hairs all over. I have conversed with his dad with respect to this issue. As indicated by him, they’ve attempted a lot of medicines yet nothing appears to work.”

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Lalit stated, “I feel okay with my hair since it’s been similar to this since I was conceived. So that is the reason.” The air holds becoming back at whatever point they cut it. He likewise stated, “I need the hair to disappear and I can grow up without it.”

He experiences an uncommon inborn condition called hypertrichosis. The issue causes exorbitant hair development. This condition is otherwise called Werewolf disorder.

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