On Wednesday, March 25 2021, while featuring on Punch Online interview program, The Roundtable, spokesman of Miyetti Allah, Saleh Alhassan, asked the federal government to budget 150 billion naira for proper and modernized ranching for the herders.

He said that ranching comes with many benefits including lesser risk and loss, adding that herdsmen are willing to rear cattle in a “modernized way.”

The Miyetti Allah, the Fulani socio-cultural group, has asked the federal government to budget the sum of N150bn for the ranching of cows, and the development of the entire livestock farming value chains in Nigeria. Alhassan, however, said the common herder does not have the resources to ranch his cows, adding that the infrastructure for ranching has to be put in place by the government for sedentary cattle rearing to be successfully implemented.

The Miyetti Allah spokesman also said attacks by herders were being exaggerated in the Southern part of the country to score political points. He said, “This thing is exaggerated; it is not that it is not there but it is exaggerated to score political points and that is the danger of it.”

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