Do you want to pass with at least 70% on the NASIMS Npower Batch C Test? then read this article till the end because in this article, we will be guiding you on the steps you need to take in other be sure of scoring 70% upward.

NASIMS Assignment Test

Before we go into the steps you have to follow in other to have a good score in the NASIMS Npower Batch C Test, lets us look at why taking the assignment test is important.

  • The test determines the applicant that would be shortlisted, this is why you need to have a high score so that you can stand the chance of getting shortlisted.

However, the tests are basically simple and basic questioned that you might likely know but why most people don’t get to score high is because the questions are mostly tricky and kind of complicated.

But if you follow the steps in this article, your 70% is sure.

Note that before you go into writing the test, you have to recover your password, we have written an article on how to recover/reset your password on the NASIMS portal, click this link to read the article.

Tips on How to score above 70 in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test

  • Ensure that you have a good and strong data connection so that you don’t get delayed because of a bad network ( remember, you will be working with time).
  • Take note of the NASIMS ID, because it is very important as it helps you access your profile. it is advisable to write it down somewhere safe.
  • Always ensure that you read each question at least twice before rushing to answer then so that you do not mistakenly choose the wrong answer ( remember, the questions are tricky).
  • Believe in yourself and don’t have a doubt while answering the questions
  • Make use of the 3 attempts given to you.
  • Don’t waste too much time on one question (you only have 20 min).

The above tips are some of the tips you have to follow in other to write and be sure of scoring well especially with the target of 70.

Now that you have understood everything, let us now move on to how to login and write the test,

How to Login and Write the Test

Follow the steps below to recover/reset your password in other to Login into your account

  • Click on login
  • Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • Enter your N-POWER application email
  • Click on “Send Link”
  • The link is sent to your email you registered with, all you need now is to quickly check your mail and have the password reset.
  • Login using your new password.

Once you have gotten the password,


It is very possible to have a high score in the Npower assignment test, all you have to know is that timing is important and also try to understand the question well before answering them.

If you want to get Npower’s past questions and answers, you can contact us using our contact us page.

Finally, we have come to the end of this article on How to score above 70 in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test, if you like our blog, kindly subscribe to it or bookmark it.

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