Next Glass App

A new app is here to help you chose and decide what alcoholic drink will suite your taste. Next Glass as named, is an application for Android and iOS that scan and predict if the alcoholic drink you want to buy is quite up to your taste. It can also recommend you beer or wine that you will like.

How It Work

The app use smartphone camera and internet connection to scan the beer or wine bottle and give you the score. The higher the score the more likely it will suite your taste. Initially when first launching the app, it will ask you to rate some wines/beers that you like and dislike on a four star scale, then it links it up with its database known as Genomic Cellar, which comprises of more than 23,000 beer and wine bottles. The ratings will therefore be used to determine your perfect taste.

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What’s More?

Next Glass does not only predict the drinks you will like but can also be used to know which drinks your friends like. You can also share your favorite drinks with them.

How to get it?

Next Glass app is available for Android and iOS.

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