In Africa, Nigeria precisely, twins are always seen as a blessing to their parents. In the entertainment industry today, you will be amazed at the number of celebrities who have become masters of their crafts but there is one tiny information about the people who don’t seem to know, they have twins.

In this article, I will show to you 5 Nigerian celebrities you never knew were twins:

(1) Elozonam:

Elozonam was one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija fourth edition, he has remained in limelight even after the end of the show. The social media influencer became very popular after his stint at the BB Naija house. Moreover, his relationship with his fellow housemate Diane also helped him boost his profile while in the house. Elozonam has a twin brother, Kanso, Kanso is not as popular and famous as his twin brother Elozonam.

(2) Kehinde Bankole:

For those from the western part of Nigeria, the name Kehinde simply means the younger sibling in a set of twins. We have so many twins celebs who are not using their traditional native names, well, Kehinde Bankole is different she has never shied away from the fact that she is a twin. In fact, if you visit her Instagram page, you will easily see find photos of her twin sister, Taiwo Bankole. They are one of the most beautiful sets of fraternal twins you would ever meet. Kehinde is a famous actress in Nigeria while her twin sister on the other hand is a party planner. Though they might not be identical, they are beautiful and obviously inseparable.

(3) Eku Edewor:

Eku Edewor is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Nigeria. Edewor is not just your everyday celeb, she has become a great force to reckon with. She was born in 1986 with her twin sister in, Kessiana in London to a British father and a Nigerian mum. Eku and Kess are identical twins, you might probably get wrong trying to differentiate between them. Kessiana is presently an interior designer/ fashion & marketing consultant.

(4) Kenny Ogungbe:

Kenny Ogungbe is one of the reasons we have the music industry today in Nigeria. Trying to introduce this important figure would require you to spend the whole day putting words and figures together. Kenny Ogungbe of  Kennis music is one of the music icons to have come out of Nigeria. Kenny Ogungbe has a twin brother, Taiwo Ogungbe. They are kind of identical but little is known about Kenny’s other half.

(5) Mary Lazarus:

Mary Lazarus is a Nollywood actress. She rose to fame in 2009 when she started in the movie “Waiting Years”. Ever since then Lazarus has starred in several big movies in Nigeria. Mary and her twin brother, Joseph is the last of six children. Even though they are not identical it won’t take you a minute to realize that they actually look alike.


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