NNPC Past Questions and Answers PDF… Download up to date NNPC Past Questions and Answers full study pack on this page. NNPC recruitment past questions provided here are meant for download and study purposes.

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Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Past Questions and Answers PDF… Download up to date Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Recruitment Past Questions and answers..

This article will provide you the full steps on how to download Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Past Questions and Answers. For all those who want to participate in the upcoming NNPC Aptitude test, this is the right page to download NNPC past questions and answers. It is very important to have the PDF copy of the past questions as it will give you a foresight of how the exams will look like.

It contains past papers from previous years. Questions are often repeated which points out the fact that you need them.

NNPC Recruitment Past Questions

The NNPC Aptitude Test past questions is a PDF study pack that contains questions and answers compiled from past examinations of all time in the NNPC. NNPC past questions PDF is collectively made up of general mathematics, verbal reasoning, English Language, Quantitative Reasoning and current affairs/general knowledge.

NNPC past questions and answers helps you prepare for her aptitude test exams through concise studies and learning. Study some sample questions below then proceed to place order for the full study pack.

Sample Questions:

  1. If I give you seven apples, you will then have five times as many as I would then have, however, if you give me seven apples, we will then both have the same number of apples. How many apples do we currently have?

A I have 24 apples and you have 18 apples. B I have 10 apples and you have 32 apples. C I have 18 apples and you have 24 apples. D I have 14 apples and you have 28 apples. E I have 12 apples and you have 20 apples. The correct answer is option [D]

2. If it takes Seyi twenty minutes to boil an egg in 1.5 litres of water, how long will it take Ala who is 3 years older than Seyi to boil 4 eggs in 1.5 litres of water? A 10 minutes B 20 minutes C 25 minutes D 5 minutes E 80 minutes The correct answer is option [B]

3. Amakiri spent N125 for a camera and some film. The camera cost N100 more than the film. What percent of the cost of the two items did Amakiri spend for the camera? A 40% B 90% C 60% D 100% E 20% The correct answer is option [B]

4. How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen? A 2 B 10 C 12 D 24 E 30 The correct answer is option [C], Reason being that a dozen of anything is twelve (12)

5. The price of garri rose by 40% last week and fell by 40% this week. What is the total rise or fall in Percentage? A 40% B 16% C 20% D 100% E 67% The correct answer is option [B]

6. The average weight of a class of 24 students is 36 years. When the weight of the teacher is also included, the average weight Increases by 1kg. What is the weight of the teacher? A 37kgs B 45kgs C 61kgs D 72kgs E 75kgs The correct answer is option [C]

7. Mr. Kalada is three times as old as his son. After fifteen years, Mr. Kalada will be twice as old as his son’s age at that time. Hence, Mr. Kalada’s present age is——– A 48 B 45 C 42 D 36 E 28 The correct answer is option [B]

8. What number comes next in this sequence? 917452, 97452, 9745, 975,? A 975 B 974 C 97 D 95 E 94 The correct answer is option [C], Reason being that the least digit in each number gets dropped.

9. There is a pole in a lake. One-half of the pole is in the ground, another one-third of it is covered by water, and 12 ft is out of the water. What is the total length of the pole in ft?

A 12 ft B 34 ft C 56 ft D 64 ft E 72 ft The correct answer is option [E]


Fraction of pole in the ground = 1/2 Fraction of pole covered by water = 1/3

Fraction of pole in the ground and covered by water = 1/2 + 1/3 = (3 + 2)/6 = 5/6

Fraction of pole out of water = 1 – 5/6 = 1/6 Thus, onesixth of the pole (out of water) is 12 ft. So, total length of pole = 72 ft.

It may be noted that: Length of pole in the ground = 72/2 = 36 ft. Length of pole covered by water = 72/3 = 24 ft.

Length of pole out of water = 12 ft. Total = 36ft + 24ft + 12ft = 72ft

10. Boneri was 24 when his son Ibifuro was born. If Boneri is now 3 times as old as Ibifuro, how many years ago was Boneri 4 times as old as Ibifuro?   A 4 B 6 C 8 D 12 E 18 The correct answer is option [A]

11. Amakiri bought a bike for N20 and gave the bike dealer a cheque for N30 to pay for it. The bike dealer persuaded a shopkeeper to change the cheque for him.  Amakiri having received his N10 change, rode off on the bike and was not seen again. L

ater, the cheque was found to be valueless and the bike dealer had to refund the shopkeeper the amount he had received.  The bike dealer had bought the bike for N10. How much did the bike dealer lose altogether? A N40 B N30 C N20 D N10 E .

The bike dealer did not lose any money The correct answer is option [C], Reason being that he lost N20. N10 as change for the cheque and N10 for the bike originally.

12. The drive from Oakland to Pinewood was a tricky one. I covered the uphill distance of 55 miles at 35 miles per hour.

The return journey from Pinewood to Oakland was downhill, and I managed to drive at 63 miles per hour.

What was my average speed for the entire journey? A 60 B 55 C 50 D 45 E 40 The correct answer is option [D]

Solution: It is important to note that Average speed = Total distance / Total time. Total distance = 2 x 55 miles.

Time for uphill journey (from Oakland to Pinewood) = 55 / 35 hours. Time for downhill journey (from Pinewood to Oakland) = 55 / 63 hours.

Total time = (55 / 35) + (55 / 63) = 22 / 9 hours.

Average speed = Total distance / Total time = 45 miles per hour

13. The average cost of 5 oranges and 4 guava is 36 naira. The average cost of 7 oranges and 8 guava is 48 naira. What is the total cost of 24 oranges and 24 guava?

A 1044 naira B 2088 naira C 720 naira D 324 naira E 198 naira The correct answer is option [B]

How to Download NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

NNPC recruitment past questions is available for everyone to download. If you need the past questions, then follow the instructions below.

How to Download CBN Recruitment Test Past Questions And Answers

The cost of the newly updated NNPC Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira See the payment detail below, kindly make payment.


After Payment , send the following (1) Email address, (2) depositors name, (3) amount paid (3) Exact Questions Needed and code to 09026923150 OR to ccnworldtech1@gmail.com

Assurance of Delivery;

Not sure the past questions will be delivered to you as promised? No worries.

We get that a lot of people are scared of doing online transactions probably based on personal experiences. We’d like to assure you though that our services are based on honesty and integrity. This has been proven over again. It is one of the reasons we are prominent with past question sales.

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We’d like to assure you that your satisfaction is our priority.

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