November 2021 List of Best Bad Boy Names to Make Your Child Look Cool

There are plenty of bad boy names around but you could be clueless as regards choosing the perfect bad boy name for your kid.

Some people may want to attribute infamy to bad boys but of course, we can’t shy away from the fact that such boys are strong, tough and awe-inspiring.

In this post, you’ll find out some of the popular bad boy names that you can pick for your boy.



If you’d like to give your baby boy a name that might sound crazy but which still reflects positivity, Ace could be your best pick. One of the strengths of bad boys is the ability to excel from tough situations. From the idiomatic effect of “an ace up your sleeve”, you may want to perceive Ace as one name that will befit your boy.


Axel does have the pleasant meaning “father of peace” and it is a widely favored name among parents willing to give their baby boys some “hard” names. The “x” sound that comes with Axel probably betokens the hardened effect of the name. If you’re so keen to have your baby bear a popular boy name with the “x” sound, Axel might be your best option.


Edginess, oddity and vibrancy are really some of the qualities that make this name stand out of the crowd of bad boy names. Blade could be recommended to mommies who want bad boy names with a touch of aggression.


You may want a name that sounds rather pleasant but still carries a bit of aggression. Choosing Boris, which means to fight, wouldn’t be a bad idea. Boris is one of the old English names which remain popular in Britain and certain other parts of Europe.


Bad boy names come in various types from which mothers can pick favorites depending on the impression they want to create. You may want a name that merely depicts bravery rather than being stereotyped for infamy as is the case with many bad boy names. Brendan could be a pretty suggestion if you find it edgy to give your boy a name with a repulsive meaning.

Brendan depicts bravery and it’s a name with Gaelic origin.

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Weird and old-fashioned names exist among bad boy names and Buster is one of such names. Mommies keen to give their boys quirky vintage names may look in the direction of Buster.


Buck is an English word with a couple of meanings. It could mean a male deer or a dandified young man. Naming your baby boy Buck may not only reflect the “bad boy” feel but also bring about a fashionable aura for him.


You may want your boy to feel like a tough and rugged masculine figure. Although old-fashioned, Butch is one of the bad boy names that you should give a thought.


Some bad boy names aren’t only unique because they sound unusual, they are also admired for their touch of aggression. Breaker is one of such names.


Not many bad boy names can be as scary as Dagger. We all know what a dagger is and if a mom would like to give her boy a warlike name, choosing Dagger might not be a bad idea.


If you’re a mother who loves the role of Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries, you may want to give your boy a name that symbolizes such a tough role. Damon is your best bet and it is a name that exudes toughness and “stoic strength”.


This name is pretty much like an English variant of the French name “de Cheil”. While this name owes its popularity to the Kardashian enterprise, it’s really a bad boy name with a “smashing” feel.


Diesel is a name that may tilt the mind to the denim brand or the widely used diesel fuel. Meanwhile, Diesel is one of the common bad boy names that are less violent to the ear.


There are various ways we can portray strength and naming is one of such ways. If you’re a lover of fabrics, you may find it exciting to pick a fabric name for your boy. Denim is a kind of “strong twilled fabric” and as such, naming your boy Denim should reflect the awe-inspiring strength that some “bad” boys are known for.


Your liking for the toughness of some wild animals might stimulate you to name your boy after a common one. Fox can fit well as a middle name or nickname for your rugged boy.


Hunter is one of the rather quirky names you can consider for your baby boy. It’s a rather fierce name we’ve long ascribed to Hunter S. Thompson. Hunter is a name one would admire for the macho aura it brings about.


Whether spelt “Gunnar” or “Gunner”, this is a name that combines boldness and warfare. If you aren’t satisfied with the rather soft macho feel of the name “Hunter”, Gunner could be a better suggestion.


People familiar with “Sons of Anarchy” should remember Jax Teller. Besides being perceptibly infamous, the name “Jax” may as well be seen as a forceful variant of “Jack”.


This is one fashionable name making waves on the list of bad boy names. Jagger, which means “carter”, has been chosen by Lindsay Davenport and a couple of other celebrities. It would be a nice fit for your boy if you want a seeming bad boy name with a bit of swagger.


This is a name that popular Angelina Jolie is known to have given her son. The name “Maddox” actually embodies power and strength and as such, we find it worthy to include it in our list of common bad boy names.


In Scotland, the name “Malcolm” is revered as the name of four Scottish kings. But now, we attribute toughness to Malcolm due to the rebellious role of Malcolm the X.


Mekhi is one of the old-fashioned names around and prettily, it is the edgy variant of the rather soft name “Michael”.


This name has its roots in the United States and it is one of the bad boy names that perfectly portray roughness. Rowdy actually depicts a rough and deviant backwoodsman.


We all understand how people associate infamy with those who hold others to ransom. The infamous aura that surrounds the term “ransom” actually qualifies Ransom as a tough boy name. Naming your son Ransom might just cast that aura of toughness around him.


This name might sound repulsive to some people but it’s fast becoming one of the attractively odd bad boy names around.


Here’s a bad boy name with an imagery of awe-inspiring strength. If you think it won’t seem awkward to hear others call your boy Stone, you shouldn’t shy away from giving him this name.


Wilder is a very popular name that you can give your little boy. It can fit well as a nickname for a male child with shades of toughness.



Some bad boy names have amazing origins or meanings that mommies actually find exciting. Hopefully, mommies willing to go the “tough” way would consider some of the bad boy names above suitable for their boys.



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