Npower Salary Structure is the information provided on this page. Npower is a federal government programme for empowering young people and creating job opportunities for graduates and non-graduates.

As you rightly know,N-Power is a scheme initiated by the Nigerian federal government in order to equip Nigerians with employment and economic potentials. As a socio-economic scheme, N-Power avails Nigerian youths the opportunity to acquire economic and technical skills required for survival in the contemporary society.

This article will provide all the vital information on Npower monthly stipend for all the various programmes. The figures provided here are extremely accurate and properly researched and confirmed from reliable sources.

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N-Power delivers modular programmes which better prepare its applicants for the acquisition and the future use of skills required for securing or providing employment. For instance, the N-Power Teacher Corp is based on the employment of 500, 000 graduates required to provide assistance in the areas of health, education and civic education.

Besides helping to rid Nigeria of the inadequacy in its public services, a reasonable proportion of the graduates will assist the country in translating its aspirations of self-sufficiency and food security into reality.

While N-Power also seeks to equip non-graduates with the necessary technical and business skills that promote standards of living, the programme is basically divided into the 3 segments below:


  1. N-Power Knowledge (25,000 non-graduates)
  2. N-Power Build (75,000 non-graduates)
  3. N-Power Teachers Corps (500,000 graduates)

Npower Monthly Salary for Various Programmes

N-Power Salary Structure

The table below shows the details of the monthly stipends attached to the various N-Power programmes.

N-Power Programmes


Monthly Stipends (#)

N-Power Community Education Programme

10,000 –30,000

N-Power Build Programme

27,000 –30,000

N-Power Health Programme

30,000 –40,000

N-Power Teach Programme

28,000 –30,000

N-Power Tech (Software) Programme

20,000 –40,000

N-Power Agro Programme

25,000 –30,000

N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme

20,000 –40,000

N-Power Creative Programme

10,000 –30,000



This article, so far, has provided you genuine information on almost everything you need to know about N-Power.

But if you wish to get more info about N-Power, do well to visit the official website of the programme.

If you have any question concerning Npower salary, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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