Npower Teach Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know And How To Apply

Npower Teach is a facet of the well-known FG-initiated Npower and its aim is to fill the loopholes in Nigeria’s basic education. It, therefore, recruits a substantial population of eligible Nigerian youths needed to enhance the country’s basic education subsector in terms of workable information assimilation.

As a youth-centred scheme, Npower Teach is available to Nigerian graduates within the age bracket of 18-35 years. Importantly, such graduates must be willing to teach/lecture and must have attained the required academic qualifications.

Basically, Npower Teach operates very similarly to other Npower programmes by generously providing its Volunteers with a two-year skill development process. Within the two-year process, such Volunteers will be equipped with computer devices and to help them develop their teaching skills, they will be further deployed to public schools to lend teaching support.

Npower Teach guarantees its Volunteers regular monthly stipends. Essentially, this is not only intended to make Npower Teach a beneficial scheme but also advance its Volunteers’ learning process and their smooth transition to economic jobs.

Just like every other Npower programme, Npower Teach is considered a great opportunity for a teeming number of unemployed Nigerian graduates to engage in something beneficial. To graduates who are passionate about lifelong careers in teaching/lecturing, Npower Teach should be worthy of consideration. Importantly, Npower Teach considers providing its Volunteers with permanent job placements after their two-year skill-development process.

The Basic Requirement for Npower Teach Application

Npower requires those applying for its (Npower) Teach programme to possess at least one of the following academic qualifications:

  1. RN
  2. JCHEW
  3. RM
  4. Sc
  5. Tech
  6. OND
  8. HND

List of Vacant Job Positions in Npower Teach

Npower Teach Volunteers can be placed into any of a number of job positions. Probably depending on their qualifications, they will be required to fill any of the following vacant job positions:

  • Education Services Manager
  • Professional Teaching
  • Project Supervisor
  • Social Services Analyst
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Education Consultant, Associate
  • Researcher, Senior Research Analyst, Research Associate
  • Project Manager

How to Apply for Npower Teach Recruitment

The application process for Npower Teach isn’t any different from that of the other Npower programmes. Below are the instructions to apply for Npower Teach:

  • Click the link here to visit the online portal of Npower Teach
  • On the recruitment portal, you’ll find essential information including job details, duration, selection preference and other specifics
  • After going through the information, you should click the Apply button attached
  • Provide your phone number and working email address for profile creation
  • Once you have completed the profile creation, sign in with your user id and your password
  • Input the required details in your on-screen Npower Health application form –ensure all the details are appropriately filled
  • Submit the completed form and print out an acknowledgement (slip) of your successful application


Hopefully, this review article has helped you understand every important thing about Npower Teach. As you take note of the application instructions above, you should also note that the duration for the Npower Teach programme is two years.



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