NPower Website Error Message: How to Fix “Error: Network error. please check your internet connect”


Most Nigerians who are interested in applying for the ongoing NPower recruitment are experiencing difficulties during the application. While many cannot find the correct official Npower portal, others receive error messages while trying to create their profile.

A typical example of an error message seen is: “Error: Network error. please check your internet connect“. You might want to ask, what is wrong with npower website? Or how can I fix Npower website error so that I can apply for the current NPower recruitment before it expires?

Well, the issue is that the Npower website has always been having issues. As we speak, the former NPower registration portal used in the 2018 application is not working anymore. I mean

The whole truth is that the NPower application website was moved from the official Npower website ( to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs website (

In this case, applicants who go to the official Npower website for the application are now disappointed as the application page is no more working.

In the media, it was reported that the NPower website was allegedly hacked, the report that was officially debunked by the Federal Government.

And now, applicants who are lucky to find the working Npower application portal now face another challenge – not being able to create their profiles. Many applicants send us messages complaining about how they cannot create their profiles.

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You might want to ask, why is Npower website always having errors? The reason is not far fetched, maybe the server size allotted to the website is not enough to handle the number of jobless applicants who are looking for an opportunity for livelihood.

How to Fix NPower Website Error

Here are some suggestions…

  1. Try to apply for Npower application in the middle of the night. By this time, the server resource usage maybe be minimal being that many people will be asleep.
  2. Clear your browser cache; oftentimes, corrupted or outdated files that are stored in your browser can cause an error message
  3. Delete your browser cookie.
  4. Try it after some time.

Hope this helps.

Have you applied successfully for NPower? Have you encountered any error? If yes, let’s hear from you in the comments section below.


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