O2tvseries remains one of the sites to beat, particularly for the download of English TV series.

Not only does o2tvseries feature among the world’s best free-to-use movie download sites, it also offers a top-notch user interface which enables users to easily download their favourite TV series on varying devices including iPads, tablets, mobile phones and PCs.

O2tvseries boasts a gargantuan collection of English TV series and only a bit of subscription is required for people to enjoy unrestricted access to these contents.

This article is a comprehensive review of o2tvseries and thus, it’ll help you realize everything you may want to know about the movie-specific website.

How to Search for Movies on O2TVseries

O2tvseries maintains excellent structuring, hence helping users to easily locate their preferred movies. Once you land on the homepage of o2tveseries, you can begin searching for your desired Hollywood movie, TV series, etc., by either using the website’s search widget or by scrolling downwards to use one of the provided search categories. In the latter case, you can use any of the search links relevant to your desired movie.

Basically, o2tvseries’ search categories follow an alphabetical order in the sense that you’ll find alphabetical listings (A-B-C, D-E-F, G-H-I, etc.) under which the site’s movies can be located. To search for a movie on o2tvseries, all you need is clicking the search category related to the movie; this is alternatively the search category containing the first letter of the movie title. If, for instance, you wish to download the movie titled Doctor Who, you’ll have to click the search category “D-E-F” since the alphabetical listing here contains the first letter of “Doctor Who”.

After clicking the o2tvseries search category relevant to the title of your preferred TV series, you’re certain to find a comprehensive list of o2tvseries movies whose titles begin with any of the three letters in the selected alphabetical listing. Once you see your desired TV series on the page that emerges (after clicking an alphabetical listing), click the series title so that you can proceed to downloading it.

Alternatively, you can choose any of the provided search options (such as Old Updated First, Z to A, New Updated First and A to Z) depending on what your desired movie falls under.

Easy Steps for Downloading Movies on 02tvseries

To download movies from o2tvseries, you first have to visit the official website by clicking here. After that, you should follow the steps below to get your desired TV series downloaded from the site:

  • On the homepage of o2tvseries, scroll down to the search categories A-B-C, D-E-F, G-H-I, J-K-L, etc.
  • From the comprehensive array of search categories, select the alphabetical listing containing the first letter of your desired TV series title
  • Once you can see your preferred TV series, scroll to the series title and click it –this will help trigger the download page for your preferred TV series
  • On the download page, choose the series episodes or seasons that you wish to download
  • Specify your preferred video format
  • Click the movie file to begin the download

Pros of Using O2tvseries

O2tvseries is undoubtedly one of the best sites for hassle-free download of English TV series cutting across various genres including drama, action, thriller, adventure, comedy, etc. Prettily, below are the top advantages of using o2tvseries:

Fast Download of Movies –O2tvseries allows its users the possibility of efficient download for their favourite movies. While this comes as one of the most exciting benefits of using o2tvseries, you can expect to enjoy exciting download speeds even for large files.

Convenience of Searching for TV Series –This is one of such things you should like about 02tvseries. In this regard, o2tvseries packs a decent user interface coupled with an eye-catching and easy-to-navigate arrangement of TV series. While browsing the site for your favourite TV series, you tend to find the contents more quickly by perusing the relevant alphabetical listing to the title of your preferred TV series.

Availability of Diverse Contents –Some movie addicts cherish watching movies of a specific genre while several others prioritize a bit of variety. Quite interestingly, 02tvseries tends to serve all kinds of movie addicts as its database holds numerous TV series cutting across varying genres including drama, horror, comedy, thriller and action.

Support of Various Download Formats –The movies on o2tvseries are downloadable in various formats including 3gp, mp4 and HD, hence allowing the site’s users to specify the quality they desire for their favourite TV series. This means that if you cherish watching your favourite TV series only in HD quality, you can expect o2tvseries to serve in the expected capacity. Also, this is a great opportunity for users willing to incur less data for the download of their favourite TV series. For example, somebody who can’t afford the heavy data charges for downloading their TV series in HD can opt to download the movies in 3gp instead.

Availability of Newly Released Movies –O2tvseries is one of those pretty websites you can bank on for the download of newly released contents including the latest English TV series. This means o2tvseries is regularly updated with newly released movies, hence availing its users the chance to download and watch their much-anticipated TV series immediately after release.

Cons of Using O2tvseries

O2tvseries is irrefutably a great website for downloading a multitude of Hollywood movies including the recently released and the top-rated English TV series. Although o2tvseries avails its users a decent number of advantages (including the free download of movies and expeditious download speeds), the site is sadly associated with some cons. Nevertheless, the pros of using o2tvseries (as discussed earlier) far outweigh these cons.

What are the cons associated with o2tvseries?

  • O2tvseries is plagued by constant annoying ads; your browsing experience on the site could be slightly marred by the sight of these ads
  • Not all browsers are seemingly good for downloading contents from o2tvseries. Anyway, UC Browser is considered the best browser for the site
  • O2tvseries hosts tons of copyrighted videos. It’s said that all of the site’s videos are copyrighted


We hope this review has helped you find out every bit of needed information about o2tvseries. Indeed, it’s worthy of note that o2tvseries could be your best bet for the download of English TV series of any kind.

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