Launched in 2008, Perfect Money has been described as an online platform that guarantees the ease of executing safe money transfers and making instant payments. Perfect Money is a notable option among HYIP fund payment systems and is well suited for transactions in two of the world’s leading currencies –euro and the US dollar.

Perfect Money is a Switzerland-registered financial service and it is considerably one of the trusted means for making payments for Premium, considering that a decent number of VPN Tunneling Software options have included it in their sites.

In this article, you’ll find out how to create a Perfect Money Account (by simply registering with Perfect Money) and the easy steps for funding your Perfect Money account as well as withdrawing funds from it.

Steps for Getting Registered with Perfect Money

  • Click the link here to visit the registration page of Perfect Money
  • On this page, you’ll find a registration form into which you should fill necessary details
  • Subsequently, “agree” to the terms of service stipulated by Perfect Money
  • Complete the registration process by tapping the Sign Up button

Funding Your Perfect Money Account

Funding your Perfect Money account is important as it guarantees you the possibility of using Perfect Money to perform online transactions. As regards funding your Perfect Money account, you’re at liberty of choosing from a number of funding methods provided by Perfect Money Certified Partners. These funding methods are:

  1. Wire transfer
  2. Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards
  3. Western Union/Money Gram
  4. Other E-currencies

Alternatively, you can use the available direct funding method in loading funds into your Perfect Money account. To use this method, sign into your Perfect Money account and follow the instructions below:

  • Tap the option Deposits
  • Select Instant Bank Transfer
  • Then, Certified Exchange Partners
  • Direct Deposit (for Austrian, Swiss, Belgian and German account holders)
  • Cash Terminals (for Ukraine and Russia)

Withdrawing from Your Perfect Money Account

Just as Perfect Money guarantees you the ease of making deposits so does it allow you to easily withdraw funds. If you’ve got some fund in your Perfect Money wallet and would like to change it into real money, rest assured that you can do this through Bank Transfer. Put simply, this means you’ll have to withdraw the Perfect Money fund into your local bank account. So, follow the steps below to convert your Perfect Money fund into real money:

  • Log in to your Perfect Money account and explore the Withdrawal section
  • Under this section, click the bank transfer option
  • Input the necessary details for the withdrawal
  • You’ll be subsequently presented with a withdrawal order (provided you input the appropriate details) –Note that while $100 is the lowest amount you can withdraw through bank transfer, you’ll likely have to wait for 3-5 working days before receiving the fund. Although Perfect Money’s fund release is done within 24 hours from the moment a withdrawal order is generated, you’ll have to wait for the said number of days before getting your fund

Verifying Your Perfect Money Account

You may decide not to verify your Perfect Money account but factually, verifying your account guarantees you access to Perfect Money’s advanced benefits. Notably, account verification is intended to help create a considerable amount of trust with other users of Perfect Money. Most importantly, you’ll have to pass three validation tests (namely Address Validation, Phone Validation and Name Validation) before you can have a verified Perfect Money account.


What is Perfect Money?

PM is an online wallet system that enables most people from around the world to store and spend money online.

Is Perfect Money available in Nigeria?

Yes. Perfect Money is available in most countries including Nigeria. The notable exception is the United States of America. No US citizen or resident of the US can open or operate a PM account.

Is Perfect Money Safe?

“Safe” is relative. If you consider an unregulated online wallet based in a place you can not trace to be safe, then perhaps PM is safe. Their country of active incorporation is not published and the only address on their website is a mailing address in Hong Kong.

How can I buy Perfect Money in Nigeria?

You can buy PM through any of the dozens of exchangers in Nigeria. A Google Search will help but do some due diligence to avoid losing your Naira.

How do I deposit into Perfect Money?

Typically, you would pay your fiat money (Naira, Dollars, Euro etc) to an exchanger who would then fund your PM account. The exchange can be private with another PM account owner or with an established exchanger.

How do I withdraw money from Perfect Money?

This is the reverse of funding. You would typically pay the PM funds you wish to withdraw to an exchanger, who would then pay you in Naira, US Dollar, Euro or whatever currency you agree on. The exact process and payment methods with each exchanger would vary.

Can I buy Perfect Money with a credit card?

Yes but this is very difficult. Strict rules by card schemes like MasterCard or Visa make this almost impossible. To prevent fraud, the few exchangers who would dare accept credit cards also implement a very stringent verification process for every customer they will accept card payment from.

How do I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

This is super easy. Considering neither Bitcoin nor Perfect Money are as risky to accept as say PayPal or Credit Cards, many exchangers would readily accept process this exchange. Popular platforms like Localbitcoins also have dozens of open trades for this transaction.

Is Perfect Money legal in Nigeria?

Perfect Money as a company is not registered in Nigeria nor is the service licensed by the banking regulator CBN. Your use of this wallet is at your own risk.

How do I transfer money from PayPal to perfect money?

PayPal’s terms of service strictly prohibit the exchange of funds from PayPal to some other wallet service. You may be able to transact privately or with exchangers who would risk this but you may lose your PayPal account if found out.

How do I find out my Perfect Money account number?

You can locate this after login to your account. There are 4 wallet numbers. One for each of the US Dollar, Euro, Gold and Bitcoin accounts.


Perfect Money can serve as a perfect option for transmitting and receiving money where there is no access to more traditional banking and financial services. However, extreme caution must be applied considering it stands a chance of being targeted by US authorities for being unregulated.

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