pinterest vs instagram which is more effective for branding

Pinterest and Instagram focus on visuals compared to other social media platforms out there, which makes them stand out from other social platforms. Pinterest have existed since 2009 and is one of the platforms marketers (and content creators alike) use to promote their products.

Unlike Pinterest, Instagram is owned by Facebook and is more restricted when it comes to content promotion and branding.

As a matter of fact, Instagram is all about branding and exclusivity. Both social media platforms differs greatly in the way they operate. Artists, musicians, photographers, actors and actress use Instagram, however, in my own personal view, brands prefer Instagram more than Pinterest.

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Instagram was founded in the year 2010, but was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Since then, Facebook has revamped the platform and offer more features that are exclusive for users.

When it comes to branding, Instagram is the first choice for many. Why? Because of the mammoth numbers of users that use the site and because of its ties with major celebrities in the world. This cannot be said about Pinterest, which is more like a image and video sharing platform.

I have an Instagram account where I post photos about insects that I captured since I’m a bit into nature photography. I share the picture I captured on my Pinterest account as well, however, there haven’t been any active engagement on my photos on Pinterest whereas on Instagram I’m getting many likes.

Personally, I prefer Instagram for branding more than Pinterest. I’ve been using both platforms for a while and what I can say is Instagram helps far better than Pinterest when it comes to mutual interest and mutual respect with other users.

The hashtags does wonder on Instagram which Pinterest flatly lacks. Even without any followers, the hashtags help put your content in front of the world.

In addition, for branding and for content promotion the tools Instagram offers are more superior than that of Pinterest. Although, both platforms offer personal and business account based on an user’s need. I still use Pinterest anyway, but for branding, Instagram is the ideal option for any person that wants to showcase his/her talents to the world.

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