Places You need to Visit: Kajuru Castle, Kaduna, NIGERIA.

Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle

We would be rounding up our virtual tour this evening! Normally, I would write down top hotels to visit but today, it is the grande finale! We cannot do basic here! I’m taking you to somewhere in Nigeria you may have never been before! When I saw this place, I gasped, I couldn’t believe that this location is not as popular as it should be. I want to ask that we put Kaduna in our prayers, especially southern Kaduna! That city is an asset and we should protect it at all costs!

I may not even be able to say so much about this place but get this, you can use this as a honeymoon spot, a dream wedding destination, a vacation spot, anything! It is the perfect place for anything and its right here in Nigeria! Who said that vacations are not possible this year? Nothing is impossible when Nigeria is this beautiful! Ladies and Gentlemen, without further delays, we present to you, Kajuru Castle, Kaduna Nigeria! The pictures speak for themselves.

Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle

If you knew about Kajuru castle before now, why haven’t you visited? Do you want to visit your dream location this year? Check out our tips for getting your dream hotel!
We have come to an End of our virtual tour! We hope we took you on an amazing Journey around Nigeria? Which of these places would you be visiting? Which of these places would you not be visiting and why? Is there anything we may have left out?

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Tell us, we want to know everything! We cant wait to take you on another tour around Nigeria, we have only begun! So stick around and maybe, just maybe, soon, we would be going on another virtual tour!

Join the NigeriaLoom family, we have so much more here for you! See you next post!

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