PUBG Lite –fully pronounced as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite –is the free-to-play PC variant of the premium PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. If you’re an avid lover of PUBG and would love to have a feel of the premium PC version without paying a dime, you could make do with the Lite version which works seamlessly on any kind of PC. 

In this post, you’ll find out interesting things about PUBG Lite as well as the easy steps for downloading the game on your Android phone. But before that, here’s a Detailed Overview of PUBG Lite

Interestingly, PUBG Lite simulates the paid-for PUBG in the sense that you (as a player) will have to fight with many other live players in a confined atmosphere. While there are 100 players coming up against each other in PUBG original, only one player will emerge as the winner after having eluded being killed. 

As a PUBG Lite player, you’ve got to work around opening up the game’s map and selecting the most befitting armor for your character. You really have to be very astute by choosing advantageous fighting tools that should help you overcome sudden attacks. 

One great impediment in the course of emerging as a PUBG winner is the ambuscade of enemies while another is the arena that contracts as you progress in the game. Of course, the arena will become smaller the more you triumph over enemies and hope to emerge champion. 

On PUBG Lite, you’re certain to use the same controls as those seen in the premium PC version. And specifically, you’ll require just your mouse and keyboard for controlling your character. Quite interestingly, you’re allowed to tweak the controls to your own taste, ensuring you have a self-customized setup despite that the game already features the excellent setup you’d normally require of a lovely action game. 

As PUBG Lite comes with almost all of the features we see in the premium version, it’s safe to argue that the game virtually brings about the exciting feel of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. 

What’s Interesting about PUBG Lite?


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There are a handful of interesting things about PUBG (Mobile) Lite and below are just few of them:

  • The game boasts expanded compatibility; PUBG Lite is not only playable on a larger list of devices but also suitable for devices with lower RAM counts. You can play PUBG Lite on your low-RAM device without any fear of diluted gaming experience
  • It keeps up the conventional PUBG gameplay style, making sure lots of PUBG lovers find it interesting to play
  • PUBG Lite comes with a smaller in-game map specialized for 60 players, making sure the players enjoy the game at a faster pace
  • Despite being a free-to-play PUBG version, PUBG Lite guarantees access to almost all of the features in the original version

How to Download PUBG Lite on Android




While we strongly believe that this post has given you a pleasant review of PUBG Lite, it’s worthy of note that thousands of PUBG lovers have lauded the game for its amazing simulation of the premium PUBG for PC. If you have any convincing reason not to play the premium PUBG (probably because you can’t afford paying for it), you shouldn’t shy away from enjoying PUBG Lite. 


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