There are mainly two types of candidates who seek private-sector jobs and wish to get hired by government organizations.

While some aspirants want to be in the fair of corporate jobs, many want to settle down with the most secure option. Both positions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

While Private sector jobs have more exposure, travel opportunities, quick hirings and hike according to the skills, government jobs differ. The growth in a government job is relatively slow comparatively, and you have to fit in the given way of work. However, the security level is way better and also the workload is slightly different here. What is challenging is getting the entrance exam cleared for acquiring the position.

Not just the entrance but the other process is slightly time-consuming and slow. One must have an excellent level of patience until he/she finally sits in the chair.

The requirements of documents are time-consuming and may need a few rounds to offices to get all sort done. But the most critical and demanding factor for entering this protected world is- The Entrance Examination. A few of such reputed competitive exams are:

  • UPSC Civil Service Examination (Union Public Service Commission)
  • NABARD entrance exam (National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)
  • NDA (National Defence Academy)
  • SSC (Staff Selection Commission)
  • LIC AAO (Life Insurance Corporation Assistant Administrative Officer)
  • SBI PO (State Bank of India Probationary Officer)

For the preparation of such competitive exams, two such vital questions which could be tricky are:

Blood Relations Reasoning

Indians and relations go hand in hand. And there would be no reason why this won’t be involved in the competitive examination. The type of questions might change, but the subtype questions for Blood Relations Reasoning remains the same.

Mainly the questions are:

Coding-Decoding is a type of method where symbols are used for questioning the blood relation with the two people.

Puzzle-based questions are where blood relations are indirectly asked using a puzzle using people in the same sentences creating confusions.

Conversation based is basically the one where two people communicate about the relationship they share either about the third or considered person.

In such questioning, the gender of the one speaking or about whom the question is asked is not disclosed, which might make it slightly tricky. However, these questions are easy to solve once you can declutter the sentence structure’s confusion.

Being well versed with the family tree is beneficial for such questions.

Syllogism Reasoning

Syllogism is included in every government entrance exam. Like syllogism’s meaning, the main focus here is to conclude the given sentences through the Venn Diagram.

The syllogism consists of three parts:

  1. Minor Premise
  2. Major Premise
  3. Conclusion

Solving the Syllogism Reasoning could be challenging, and hence, the Venn diagram might prove beneficial.

As the name suggests, it actually needs “logic” to get the correct answer. Minor details should be observed, and the sentences framed to create confusion should be read well before attempting.

Both Blood Relations and Syllogism fall in the category of Logical reasoning. Logical reasoning questions become easy once practised well and religiously. Compared to other sections in the competitive exams, logical reasoning can be easier with practice, solved examples, tips and tricks, and proper guidance.

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