Reasons For The High Cost Of Onion In Nigeria


The price of onion has truly soared high because of numerous reasons including high demand, flooding, and poor storage facilities.

Families in Nigeria currently need to dive further into their pockets to purchase onions, one of the most regularly burned-through vegetables in the nation as prices have risen strongly because of a gnawing lack.

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In the previous month, prices have been on a consistent ascent as shortage hits showcase the nation over.

Purchasers have taken to social media to exchange grievances about the flooding prices, contrasting price rates in various locales of the nation.

The price of a sack of onions has shot up by almost 200 percent, as indicated by price checks done by this columnist in business sectors at any rate five states across Nigeria.

Market prices of onion
During a visit to the Olojudo market, Ido Ekiti in Ekiti State, the two vendors, and purchasers who accept the spike are occasionally given an understanding of how onion prices and accessibility are progressively turning into an issue.

Prices contrast in various locales relying upon the accessibility of onions.

“The price of onions is generally higher this season, November to December since this is when ranchers develop this yield,” Mallam Dogo, an onion seller, said.

“A sack of onions sold at the rate N18,000 before is currently sold for N58,000,” he said.

In the interim, Angela Nwokeforo, a government employee who was at the market to purchase onions, regretted that an N100 worth of onion would not, at this point be sufficient to prepare a feast for her family because of the climb in price.

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“N100 worth of onion isn’t sufficient for me to set up a dinner for my family once more,” she said. “As should be obvious now this onion I am holding is N500 however before I can get this amount at the pace of N100.”

“I think this expansion is going on consistently. I’ve seen that before the year’s over, onions are vanishing from the market,” she said

Another purchaser, Idown Agbaje, said “Government should attempt to discover an answer for this expansion and make the harvest accessible to the individuals.

“During the ash months, onions are normally exceptionally scant and the ones you can see are in every case extremely high and our administration isn’t in any event, making any arrangements in giving any storerooms to the item to be accessible throughout the entire year,” she said.

In Oko market in Asaba, Delta State, sellers ascribed the shortage of onions to an absence of storerooms bringing about the price climb.

Musa Aliyu, an onion seller, said “in view of insufficient storerooms, onion stockpiling has been a significant test particularly around this time this year”.

“As (of) finally year, a pack of onion was sold for N6,000, toward the start of this current year it was sold at the pace of N25,000 and now a sack is sold at N70,000,” he said.

He asked the administration to assemble storerooms for brokers to store their short-lived crops.

At the Dei market in Abuja, a sack of onions that was recently sold for N15,000 currently costs a normal of N40,000 to N42,000, Mallam Lawal, an onion vendor at the market said.

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Saidu Baba, who exchanges the item at the Ose market in Onitsha, Anambra State, connected the climb to flooding and occasional shortage.

Checks additionally uncovered that in Ondo State, a sack of onions, which was recently sold at the pace of N20,000 currently costs N62,000.

At the Farin-Gada market in Jos, Plateau State, a pack of onion which sold for N17,000 before now costs a normal of N60,000.

Reason For The Price Increase?

Then, the VP of cultivation, in the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Nana Bashir, additionally certified the situation of the retailers.

Talking with journalists, she said the significant expense of onion is brought about by flooding and the absence of storerooms.

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