If you use TikTok and Instagram or you’re somebody who literally lives on social media, Ricky Flores should not be a strange name to you as you may have either followed him or come across his feeds on Instagram and Tiktok.

Ricky Flores, “Ricky” as he is popularly called, had his birth registered in Chicago, Illinois. He was born on the 13th of January 2004. Ricky didn’t get to know about TikTok until high school.

With support and encouragement from his parents and siblings, Ricky began to harness the goodness TikTok has to offer by sharing videos of himself singing, dancing etc. For being really good at such activities, it wasn’t long before Ricky gained a large number of followers and views.


Name Ricky Flores
Nick name Ricky
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date of birth 13th January,2004
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Age 18 years-old (as of 2022)
Nationality American
Profession Social media celebrity


Ricky Flores’ TikTok Career

What began as mere sharing of dancing and singing videos across several social media platforms has somewhat propelled Ricky into a florishing career. With over millions of views and thousands of followers, Ricky has become a popular celebrity in the TikTok world.

Also, he’s fast becoming a household name in the entire social media space. He is known to have collaborated with famous celebrities in some of his contents.

How about Ricky’s Family?

At the moment, nothing is known about Ricky’s family, but we won’t hesitate to give an update once we have relevant information.

Who Is Ricky’s Girlfriend?

Just as details of his family are unknown, Ricky’s relationship status appears obscure.

About Ricky Flores’ YouTube and Instagram

What is social media without Instagram and YouTube?

Aside from using TikTok, Ricky runs an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, which have attracted thousands of followers and subscribers respectively. Although his YouTube channel hasn’t gotten any post on it, the channel harbors thousands of subscribers eagerly waiting for a post from Ricky.

Ricky Flores’ Age

At the time of writing this post, Ricky is 18-years-old.

Ricky’s Weight and Height

The details we obtained about Ricky’s body measurements show that he weighs 64kg. As for his height, 18-year-old Ricky stands at 5ft. 6 inch. tall.

Here are Some Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about Ricky Flores

  1. Did you know Ricky was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA?
  2. Did you know his favorite is Italian and Mexican food?
  3. Did you know Ricky loves traveling, singing, dancing, reading books and riding bicycle?
  4. Would you have guessed his best colors to be black and yellow?
  5. Ricky’s favorite actor is Christian Bale and actress is Margot Robbie. Wow! Did you know?
  6. Did you love Ricky loves football and he is a die-hard fan of Argentina star Lionel Messi?
  7. Did you know his best place to visit is London, England? Wonder why though.
  8. Did you know Ricky has a pet, a cute dog?
  9. Did you know Ricky is friends with Armando Rubio who’s also a TikTok celebrity?

Ricky Flores’ Net Worth

How much is Ricky Flores worth?

Ricky’s net worth is estimated around $850,000.

How about Ricky Flores’ Social Media?

Check out some of his social media handles

Instagram @rickyfloreess
Tiktok @rickyfloreess
YouTube Ricky Flores
Twitter @TheRickyFlores


Ricky’s Lifestyle

Let’s get to know Ricky’s lifestyle, his way of living.

Drinking Alcohol No
Smoking no
Swimming Yes
Driving Yes
Going Yoga No
Cooking No
Gymming Yes
Veg or non- veg Non- vegetarian
Jogging Yes


FAQs about Ricky Flores


Who Is Ricky Flores?

Famous on TikTok and Instagram, Ricky is an American citizen, born in Chicago on the 13th of January 2004. The 18-year-old is popular and known on social media for his dancing, lip-syncing and singing videos.

Where Is Ricky Flores from?

Ricky hails from Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America.

Is Ricky Married?

Ricky Flores is not married. He’s probably pretty young to consider marriage.

How Old is Ricky Flores in 2022?

Ricky is 18 years of age in 2022.

What Is Ricky Flores’ Height?

Ricky stands at 5ft 6inch tall.

When Is His Birthday?

Every year on the 13th of January, Ricky’s family and social media friends/followers come together to celebrate the fast-rising star.


Up there is every bit of information you might be willing to find out about Ricky Flores. But if there’s anything else you wish to know about the young TikTok sensation, you’re free to ask us about it in the comment section below.

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